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    ANU vs UNSW (BAdvSc)

    I do Adv Sci at UNSW and no, there isn't an enormous difference between Adv and regular sci. True, you are required to take the advanced units where they're offered but there's only a handful of those units and in most cases, they aren't that enormously different to the regular unit (usually a...
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    Testing for ions

    I'd say learn the flowchart. You need to know what order to conduct the tests in so that your end result will tell you whether a specific ion is present or not, rather than tell you that it could be one of several ions present if the steps aren't conducted in order and multiple ions could have...
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    can't login to zmail now?

    Yeah I think they're crossing over to Office 365 until Monday so maybe it won't work until then. Otherwise, I think the username for Office 365 is your with your normal password but I could be wrong.
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    Degree of ionisation

    I probably wouldn't use the word 'ability'. I think degree of ionisation is more so the extend to which the substance will dissociate or the proportion of particles that have dissociated. i.e. high degree of ionisation means the majority or virtually all of the particles will dissociate into...
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    Simple Bladerunner question...

    I'm not sure if the place the 'healthy' people went was ever mentioned. I think it may have just been called off-world. I may be wrong but I think the importance of there being many 'flawed' humans in Bladerunner was not to be contrasted with those who left earth but with the perfection of the...
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    What ions do we need to distinguish?

    I think HeroicPandas pretty much covered everything. The ions are definitely listed in another outcome in that section of the syllabus. Also, you will need to distinguish between Fe(II) and Fe(III) ions. You will not be given the solubility rules so if you need them, you'll have to memorise...
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    Alex Rider Series?

    Agreed. That movie was awful. The books are definitely better.
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    How can I stop making silly mistakes?

    Yes past papers is a good way to get used to doing questions and watching out for mistakes you tend to make. Another thing I've heard of is keeping a list of the mistakes you tend to make often. Then before an exam, go over your list so when your doing the exam, you know what mistakes to keep an...
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    Strange question, is this allowed?

    This. I wouldn't take the risk. Better to be safe than sorry. Use a spare writing booklet, or scribble stuff down on your question booklet (which doesn't get seen by markers), or just pencil in stuff on your page before you answer a question and erase it later.
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    What Parvee said seems right. The primary standard is a substance that is pure, of high molecular weight, doesn't absorb water from the atmosphere, and stable. The standard solution is a solution of a very accurately known concentration.
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    Times for end of year HSC Exam

    I think it was a little daunting for us when we found out our HSC exams were 3 hours as well because most our school exams only went for 2 hours tops but I don't think its excessive if you use your time wisely. Pace yourself throughout the exam, rather then rush through it, check over your...
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    How do you study 2u mathematics?

    Its really up to you to find a method of studying that works for you but I think the summaries could be a good help - writing out the formulas and the method/s of how to solve particular problems for future reference. For me, I found just doing heaps and heaps of questions really helped. That...
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    ATAR of 90+ [Question]

    Try putting some marks into an atar calculator for your subjects so you can get a rough idea of what marks you might be looking at for each subject to achieve your atar aim.
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    literary techniques for a film ?? :/

    I would always have at least some film techniques when analysing a film e.g. camera angle/shot, lighting, costuming, mise en scene, etc. But yes literary techniques can still be used if applied correctly.
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    Related texts

    As cheepy5 said, it depends on the question. If it says at least one related text, I'd probably only do one because it allows you to go into greather depth and show your knowledge of the text rather than maybe only superficially addressing two related texts. However it the question you get it...
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    Physics Band 6

    Its definitely possible. Don't worry too much about your school's previous marks - its up to the individual what mark they get so provided you work for it and put the effort in, you could definitely get that 92-94 you want :) I'd say try and master the concepts involved, and work on past papers...
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    Least favourite maths topic.

    3U: projectile motion, binomial theorem, and perms and combs - never understood perms and combs.
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    Info Days!

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    Tips on getting a 97+ atar

    Some of this has already been addressed but: - For english, make sure you have quotes that cover a range of different themes for your text so you can better adapt to a question. E.g. don't just find quotes for belonging to family, make sure you are also prepared for belonging to friends...