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    99.90+ ATAR, state rank, economics seminars

    Do you have a seminar for other subjects?
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    Tips on getting a 97+ atar

    Can people still achieve atars over 90 if they receive band 5s for all their subjects or with 2 band 6s?
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    Motivation/ success story for 2013/14 hscers

    Thanks for this story. Very inspiring
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    What is your atar Spi?

    What is your atar Spi?
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    Maximum and Minimum Problems help

    Yes the questions are from the math in focus textbook however they only provide full solutions for mainly the geometry chapters
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    Maximum and Minimum Problems help

    Ok. Thank you :)
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    Maximum and Minimum Problems help

    Hi I need help with these four problems as I spent just about half hour doing these four questions but ended up with the wrong solution. Can you guys please post the full correct working out and solution to these questions. (as attached) Thanks
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    Hi Pm'ed you

    Hi Pm'ed you
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    Nuclear Chemistry help:)

    I second that:)
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    Hi I pm'ed you

    Hi I pm'ed you
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    Projectile Motion Experiment (Physics)

    Can you guys please post up your method for this experiment? Thanks
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    SDD Past Papers (New Syllabus) share thread

    Hi I am trying to create a share thread for SDD past papers (Half yearlies and trials) that are of new syllabus. I have a few new syllabus past papers from my school that I am going to upload once other users contribute. Thanks :)
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    Projectile Motion Experiment (Physics)

    Hi Just want to ask you guys if you ever performed an Projectile motion experiment where You had to plan and perform a reliable and valid first hand investigation to show the relationship between the height the projectile is released from, and the range of the projectile (horizontal...
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    Study Techniques???

    Hmm Damn. I wish I borrowed the fitzpatrick book sooner. Although do you guys reckon is it possible for me to get 95%+ in my upcoming geo-differentiation assessment If I can master and correctly answer all the questions in the Math in Focus textbook?
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    Study Techniques???

    Although, do you guys think that doing all the questions from the math in focus book will be enough to get 95%+ in the exam because I do not think I can do all of the differentiation questions in the success one book.
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    Study Techniques???

    Yes, that is what I am doing right now:)
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    Study Techniques???

    Hi I am going to have a an maths assessment on the topic Geometrical Applications of Differentiation. Just wondering I just bought the new edition of Success one textbook and since the book has a topic index, do you guys think I should do those differentiation questions from those past HSC...
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    Dotpoint Physics Queries

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    HSC Question?

    Ok. What a relief :)
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    HSC Question?

    Well my school curriculum coordinator and other teachers of my school said nothing from year 11 results goes towards our HSC mark but after hearing this I may have second thoughts because most teachers usually do not tell the students everything. Yeah, but can schools changed their mind???