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    Forgot to sign blue form

    I filled out all the numbers of the booklets I wrote but I completely forgot to sign the bottom of the blue sheet for SOR1!! Do you think it'll be ok???
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    transmission question

    What did everyone put for the tranmission question??? A, B or C!
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    Do transgenic species count as reproduction technology?

    The outcome is: discuss the potential impact of the use of reproduction technologies on the genetic diversity of species, using a named example of a plant and an animal that have been genetically altered. Does 'reproduction technologies' include transgenic species or is it just artificial...
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    Chylomicrons or Lipoproteins?

    If we're asked what form lipids are carried in the blood, should we say chylomicrons or just stick with lipoproteins?
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    Artificial Blood - stem cells

    With the outcome on progress in artificial blood production, can we or has anyone talked about blood pharming - i.e. using stem cells to create RBCs? Would it be suitable to talk about blood pharming if we were asked a question on the development of artificial blood in the HSC (as well as...
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    Probability Question!

    I'm terrible at probability and I don't know how to go about answering this question! Can anyone help? The probability that a plant grows to maturity is 1/9. What is the least number of plants needed to have at least a 95% chance of one plant reaching maturity? Thank you :)
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    Phonons in BCS theory

    I don't know what phonons are or how they come into an explanation of the BCS theory but I know you should include them in your explanation. Can anyone help me understand them?! Thanks! :)
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    Medical Sci vs Advanced Sci at UNSW

    Hi :) Looking at the units UNSW offers, I think I'd prefer to go there but I don't know which is better - going with medical sci or advanced sci. If I did pick advanced, I would do pretty much all the same units (maybe biochemistry or pathology or something along those lines) as I would in...
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    Acidic conditions accelerating corrosion?

    Someone please help! I'm so confused. I know acidic conditions accelerate the rate of corrosion but I don't quite understand why. Is it because of this reaction: Fe(s) + 2H+ -> Fe2+ + H2(g) And because you have Fe2+, it will go on to react with something else and hence has corroded. Or...
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    Mark needed for 45/50?

    Hi, Just wondering, would anyone know roughly what mark out of 84 you would need to get in the maths extension 1 test that would scale to a mark of 45/50? Thanks!
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    Mark needed to get 95 in HSC maths?

    Just curious, Would anyone know roughly what mark out of 120 would you be looking at to get a mark of 95 in the HSC for maths? - based on the old tests out of 120? Thanks!
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    Domain of y=arcsin(tanx)

    Can anyone please show me how you would work out the domain of y=arcsin(tanx). I'm not sure how to go about working it out. Thank you!
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    Artificial Blood

    Just wondering how much detail everyone went into this outcome: Analyse and present information from secondary sources to report on progress in the production of artificial blood Did you just look at HBOCs and perfluorocarbons or did you go into hemopure and MP4 and stuff? Thanks!
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    Projectile Motion Help

    We got this question in class: a projectile is fired with an initial velocity of 1000m/s with an angle of 30 with the ground. Find the maximum height, the time to reach the maximum height, and the range. I found the maximum height ok: 12755m But I got a completely different answer for the time...
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    relativity of simultaneity

    How do you explain the consequence of special relativity quantitatively for the relativity of simultaneity. qualitatively, I get, and mass dilation, time dilation, and length contraction I just use to formulas for a quantitative description but what about simultaneity? Also, what does it mean by...
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    Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation

    Hello :) I was hoping someone could help me with this outcome: discuss the importance of Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation in understanding and calculating the motion of satellites. I don't really know what to talk about other than equating the equations of gravitation force and centripetal...
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    Sherlock Season 2!!

    Who else is a Sherlock fan and cannot WAIT until season 2 comes out??!?! EDIT: warning: this thread may contain spoilers :)
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    For all those who got 90+ ATARS....

    How much effort did you put in? (honestly). What is your tip for success? - tonnes of past papers, 4+ hours studying everyday, ....
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    Definition of validity, reliability, and accuracy for science

    Hey, I'm confused about the definitions for validity, reliabiltiy and accuracy for science subjects. I know they come up heaps so could someone help me out with what I should or what I need to talk about for each?