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  1. atar90plus

    Maximum and Minimum Problems help

    Hi I need help with these four problems as I spent just about half hour doing these four questions but ended up with the wrong solution. Can you guys please post the full correct working out and solution to these questions. (as attached) Thanks
  2. atar90plus

    SDD Past Papers (New Syllabus) share thread

    Hi I am trying to create a share thread for SDD past papers (Half yearlies and trials) that are of new syllabus. I have a few new syllabus past papers from my school that I am going to upload once other users contribute. Thanks :)
  3. atar90plus

    Projectile Motion Experiment (Physics)

    Hi Just want to ask you guys if you ever performed an Projectile motion experiment where You had to plan and perform a reliable and valid first hand investigation to show the relationship between the height the projectile is released from, and the range of the projectile (horizontal...
  4. atar90plus

    Study Techniques???

    Hi I am going to have a an maths assessment on the topic Geometrical Applications of Differentiation. Just wondering I just bought the new edition of Success one textbook and since the book has a topic index, do you guys think I should do those differentiation questions from those past HSC...
  5. atar90plus

    HSC Question?

    Hi I just saw a thread moments ago about a student having his year 11 report mark for maths counted towards year 12. Is this true? I always thought nothing from year 11 (term 1 to 3) counts into year 12.
  6. atar90plus

    Inverse Function Help again:(

    Hi Just wondering if you guys can help me with these questions because I did them and my answers were wrong according to the answers and the back of the handout. So I am not sure if my answers are wrong or if the sheet answer is wrong. Can you guys please show full working and solution.Will...
  7. atar90plus

    Inverse Function Help

    Hi Just wondering if you guys can help me with these questions because I was away when my teacher taught the class how to do these questions. Please show full working and solution. 1. c) Find the inverse function f^-1(x) of each function and verify that f^-1[f(x)]=f[f^-1(x)]=x i) f(x)=...
  8. atar90plus

    Dotpoint Physics Queries

    Hello One of my friends asked me if I wanted to buy both of her dotpoint books for physics but I am not sure which one to get either the multiple choice version or the short/long response version. Just want to ask 1. Is the book useful and any good 2. Which one is better 3. Should i get...
  9. atar90plus

    Relationship between Youth and War (English)

    Hi For my english class we are currently studying poetry mainly about war. Just want to ask you guys your opinion on what do you think is the relationship between youth and war?
  10. atar90plus

    Peak Science Physics

    Hi Just want to ask if any of you guys gone to peak science for physics tutoring for year 12 in 2011 or 2012? Thanks
  11. atar90plus

    Reading the Syllabus Document

    Hello I am having trouble reading the syllabus document for mathematics and on my assessment grid its says syllabus requirements: 10.1 to 10.8 and Outcomes H2 and H5 to H9. Can you guys please tell me what this means and what topic my assessment will be on. Thanks
  12. atar90plus

    Studies of Religion 1 Notes

    Do any of you guys have SOR 1 notes that you can upload/post on this thread because I looked at the resource section and the ones that I gone through were not that great. Thanks
  13. atar90plus

    English Queries

    Hello Just want to ask you guys a question Q: I am currently doing standard english for my HSC and doing the text called "The crucible" for belonging. If a another person from advanced english is also doing the text "The Crucible for Belonging. Will they both get the same question in a exam...
  14. atar90plus

    Marks or Ranks

    I got most of my Prelim marks back and in my opinion the marks that I received were bad mostly around 60 to 80 but however most of my ranks looks good somehow with 1. SDD: 3/17 2. Business Studies 3/116 3. Physics 12/27 4. 2 unit maths 11/86 5. 3 unit maths 15/42 6. Religion one 37/134 7...
  15. atar90plus

    Parametrics Help

    Could you guys please help me with these questions. There are no answers so I am just assuming that I got it wrong due to my knowledge on parametrics is not that strong yet 16. For the parabola x^2=4ay with points P(2ap,ap^2) and Q(2aq,aq^2) b) Show that q approaches p the equation of the...
  16. atar90plus

    My Prelim Exam Dilemma

    I came back to school today and just received my prelim marks for most of my subjects with a few top marks and ranks overall. However I got my physics marks back and failed by 2 marks with only 11 people out of all the student who does physics which I think it is roughly 40 students. I may...
  17. atar90plus

    Questions about city rail?

    1. I usually go home at 8:30pm from Fairfield to cabramatta due to tutoring. Do I still have to buy a train ticket to get back home because some of my friends said buy and some said don't 2. If you have a disability pension card, do you still have to pay for a train ticket if you are travelling...
  18. atar90plus

    Parametrics (3 unit Maths) Help

    Could you guys please help me with these questions. I am pretty bad with parametrics at the moment (trying to review) with only getting just above half of the total parametrics questions correct in my prelim. I done most of them already but just got stuck in parts of the question 4. Find the...
  19. atar90plus

    Business Studies Case Study

    Hello Just want to ask how many case studies do you need to answer the section in the business studies HSC exam coz some people said one and others said two? Is it a good idea to do Qantas as a case study because a few users on this forum stated that Qantas is a boring case study and many HSC...
  20. atar90plus

    Physics Dotpoints

    Just to say I bought physics dotpoints summary notes from someone of bos and my teacher asks myself and my entire class to write summary notes from specific dotpoints. Could I just copy the dotpoint information that I bought from my friend or do I have to create the information from scratch?