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  1. jjba

    Chinese In Context Personal Investigation (Chinese Parenting) - Personal investigation with some unfinished notes

    Some of you asked for more notes, so I dug a little to see if I had any more but since I hated my teacher and Chinese in context so much, all I could find was a half-finished course revision outline...
  2. jjba

    Chinese In Context Personal Investigation (Chinese Parenting)

    ummmm yep, there were like not chinese in context notes here when i was doing hsc, so I decided to drop some here before deleting them.
  3. jjba

    UTS -------> to UNSW

    LMAO, the thing is if I had 85 ATAR I would have gotten into UNSW Computer science because of the atar adjustment factors, but at this point ill be happy if i get 75 atar so I can get a selection rank of 80 (similar atar adjustment factors) to go to UTS computer science. ;-; man I really bombed...
  4. jjba

    UTS -------> to UNSW

    This is a pretty old thread, but I'm curious what happened, did you get into UNSW? Doing my HSC right now, failed English adv and physics, should be able to get E3 in both 3u and 4u maths and only chem left. I really wanted to go to UNSW, but at this rate my atar is looking like 80 at most...