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  1. Eagle Mum

    Chronic Kidney Disease Graph analysis question

    The bottom graph tracks an individual’s (Sally-Anne’s) serum creatinine level, creatinine clearance and estimated glomerular filtration rate over 8 days. Her serum/blood creatinine level (blue triangle data points) is progressively linearly increasing which indicates that her kidneys are not...
  2. Eagle Mum

    converting from cartesian to parametric form

    Masaken started a more general thread on this topic earlier this year on which several members posted replies: Perhaps you might find it helpful.
  3. Eagle Mum

    Maths Question Help

    I did appreciate your approach of trying to teach the concepts which I think will benefit other viewers, but I am mindful that this OP is sitting HSC this year, so I thought combining the YouTube video and showing how to directly apply the equation would be the most efficient reply for him. I...
  4. Eagle Mum

    Maths Question Help

    This link is to a 6 minute YouTube video explaining (proving) the above formula for calculating the sum of the first n terms of an arithmetic sequence. If you don’t already know it, it’s well worth the watch. I skim watched a few and this one was the shortest video that explains it well.
  5. Eagle Mum

    Maths Question Help

    3, 7, 11, 15... etc form an arithmetic sequence. Are you familiar with the formula for calculating the sum of the first n terms of an arithmetic sequence? Do you understand how the formula was derived? S = n [2a + (n-1)d] /2 S is the sum of the first n terms n is the number of terms a is the...
  6. Eagle Mum

    How long should I study a day?

    Quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to studying. Study until you properly understand the concepts included in the curriculum of each subject (for anything you don’t understand, look up multiple sources, ask your teacher, ask in different forums).
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    A simple math problem that i'm not getting

    Perhaps we could reword the question as: Katie and Tyler are eating pizza. They have eaten a pizza and now have of a pizza left. What fraction of a pizza did they start with?
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    Advice on Moving Schools

    If you already have friends at the other school and it offers a wider range of subjects, then it sounds like it’s worth putting in an application. If you are offered a place, then you can find out if you’ll be able to take your selected subjects before you accept. What are the cons of moving? Is...
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    You should consider deleting this thread now that you’ve had responses to your similar thread titled ‘Rinsing’.
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    Might need advice for time-planning for more extracurricular activities

    Great to hear that he is working towards getting his license. It is double the time for you to make that trip though - you’ve described that it takes you a 1.5 hrs return trip to go there and bring him home, whereas if he parked his car there, it would likely take him 45 minutes to drive himself...
  11. Eagle Mum


    The operator is part of this system. The operator likely has a flawed understanding of the procedure and will likely (systematically) apply the same error whenever s/he carries out this procedure so it is a systematic error - one that can be corrected by explaining the error and correct action...
  12. Eagle Mum

    Might need advice for time-planning for more extracurricular activities

    My heart goes out to you - I almost feel like I’m writing to my younger self. I know very well what it’s like for everyone to take advantage of kindness & generosity and sadly, I have learnt from experience, as long as you accommodate others, they will continue to take advantage and take you for...
  13. Eagle Mum

    Why does acid strength not matter in neutralisation reactions and the volume required to neutralise is same for a weak strong acid

    I think the short answer you were looking for is that at equivalence point, all of the weak or strong acid has completely reacted with the base with only concentrations and volumes of the solutions being relevant to how much base was required to reach equivalence point. It took a while to work...
  14. Eagle Mum

    Why does acid strength not matter in neutralisation reactions and the volume required to neutralise is same for a weak strong acid

    Your question is in two parts and neither makes sense as they are currently worded. To try to help, let’s first clarify some definitions: The concentration of an acid or base is the amount of acid/base in a given amount of solution. A concentrated solution is one that contains a large amount of...
  15. Eagle Mum

    Is it reasonable to get a 95+ ATAR with these subjects and how difficult would it be

    Have you already utilised these?
  16. Eagle Mum

    Confused over graphing this

    You are correct - it’s not a linear relationship between F and r for this equation. The equation describes the relationship between field strength (gravitational, electric, magnetic) and distance. Search with those terms to find examples of the inverse square graph.
  17. Eagle Mum

    Properties of polynomials

    LHS = x^2 +4x - 3 By expansion, RHS = a^2x^2 + 2ax + a + bx + b + c Rearranging RHS to group coefficients of the same powers of x: a^2x^2 + (2a + b)x + (a + b + c) Matching coefficients of LHS with RHS, you essentially have three simultaneous equations to solve for a, b & c: x^2 = a^2x^2 a^2...
  18. Eagle Mum

    Should I drop Chem for Modern?

    If I haven’t miscounted, whichever subject you drop, you will still be doing fourteen units. If this is the case, you have ample redundancy for your ATAR so the two main questions are: 1) Do you need either as a prerequisite for your first preference of Uni course (or would it stand you in...
  19. Eagle Mum

    How does entry into doctor of medicine work?

    I’m sorry I can’t offer any advice. She didn’t shuffle anything around. The only Uni she didn’t get a first round offer was one she wasn’t really interested in as it was the only state in which we don’t have any friends or relatives. She didn’t bother changing her preferences as she had plenty...
  20. Eagle Mum

    What is precision exactly

    The four target diagrams at the bottom of this web page illustrate accuracy & precision very nicely: