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  1. speedybugger1

    Studying dentistry in Australia

    Any people out there wanting to study Dentistry in Australia and, if so, whereabouts? Thoughts on dentistry?
  2. speedybugger1

    Study timetable

    I don't have free periods in my day, I finish at 3PM. What is an appropriate study schedule that I can make, to factor in all my subjects? I understand one must finish all homework from the day before commencing any other study. After this is done, should I aim to complete maybe 1.5 hours for...
  3. speedybugger1

    Best way to study for general maths?

    Revision every day from online sources? A chapter a day from a textbook? Would it be mathsonline? Half the textbooks have mistakes with certain sections ie. financial maths, and then I genuinely don't know which answer is right.. my teacher doesn't seem to know.
  4. speedybugger1

    Study notes

    What's the best way to make study notes? What's the best way to revise stuff so it stays in your head? I've heard mind maps work well, and paraphrasing?
  5. speedybugger1

    General 2013 HSC advice and help

    Can you guys give me an indication of how much study needs to be done now, as a Year 11, each night? What are some effective study techniques that you guys can pass off? I feel overwhelmed. I don't know how to start making notes, how often I should make them, what are good ways to memorise...
  6. speedybugger1

    Studying help

    I want help with a systematic method to studying and making notes for exam time. I have yearly exams coming up in about 3 weeks and I haven't done any preparation for them yet, and all content from all subjects will be tested. How often should I make notes? How do I start making them? How do I...
  7. speedybugger1

    Final HSC mark

    Is someone's final HSC mark determined by 'moderating' it against people in their HSC year at their school, or by comparing it against the whole of the NSW results? Or both?