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    3D Vectors

    uh the answer that was given to me was 5 root 3
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    3D Vectors

    Q. A parallelogram PQRS has three of its vertices at the points P(2,1,0), Q(-1,-1,1) and R(0,2,-1). Find the area of the parallelogram.
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    integration help

    Integrate f'(x) to get (f(x) = 2x^3/3+3x^2/2-6x+C) and then because f(1)=3, you let 3 = the integral with 1 subbed in for the x's and find C.
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    When do the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality and triangle inequality hold equality? Could this be explained algebraically pls
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    Should I read Shakespeare's texts in the old published English, which I don't understand half the time, or the modern English translations?
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    Could someone explain what ion-dipoles are and the relevance they have in dissociation and Ksp
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    More EX2 Help needed

    More questions that I can't seem to get.