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  1. I Study Hard

    Selling Accounting/Law Textbooks

    Selling: Property Law Casebook - practically new condition Accounting Information Systems textbook bundle - practicially new condition Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics - average condition with highlighting etc Buying: Revenue Law textbooks The Accountant as the...
  2. I Study Hard


    So is anyone around here into wizard rock by any chance?
  3. I Study Hard

    Selling Business/Law textbooks

    Selling the textbooks for the following subjects: Contemporary Management Accounting Property Law Introduction to Economic Methods (same book is also used for Statistics) - I also have the code for this, its scratched but I never ended up using it.
  4. I Study Hard

    Selling Contracts/FAA/MAF/Marketing textbooks

    Selling the textbooks needed for Contracts, Financial Accounting Applications, Management Accounting Fundamentals and Marketing. Contracts: Law Briefs Contract Law in Australia - Carter, Peden, Tolhurst Cases and Materials on Contract Law in Australia - Carter, Peden, Tolhurst FAA Financial...
  5. I Study Hard

    Ingleburn General Maths Tutor - 93 in the 2009 HSC

    I can help with the following: ~Understanding the concepts ~Doing homework ~Going through past HSC papers I will tutor at the Ingleburn Library and am available on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. $20/hour Price Negotiable depending on how much tutoring you would like per week.
  6. I Study Hard

    Question:RE Tute Reg/Rule Waivers

    So, when UWS updated the class scheduling it really screwed me over, Marketing Principles, Financial Accounting Applications and Management Accounting Fundamentals are all on the same day (Wednesday) and in order to be at all lectures+tutes I would have to be in two places at once at some point...
  7. I Study Hard

    Selling B Law/B Bus. & Comm Textbooks - 1st Year

    ALL SOLD Business Academic Skills Required Text: Business Academic Skills (Custom Publication) Accounting Information for Managers Required Text: Accounting: Business Reporting for Decision Making 2nd Edition + Study Guide 2nd Edition Torts Required Text: Torts: Commentary and Materials 10th...
  8. I Study Hard

    Selling BAS, AIM, Torts & Intro to Law TEXTBOOKS

    BAS The textbook is in pretty much brand new condition, no writing on the pages, no highlighting, it's barely even been used. Connect Books Price: 103.45 My Price: $70 AIM I have the textbook and the study guide that goes with it (has bunches of questions and also has chapter summaries)...
  9. I Study Hard

    Intro to Law//URGENT QUESTION

    Where am I supposed to submit the hardcopy of the group assignment. Help please, I need to do it today.
  10. I Study Hard

    Difference between a seminar guide and learning guide?

    So whats the difference between the two? Do i need both?
  11. I Study Hard

    Law Orientation

    Just a quick question, this is not about the camp, its about the actual orientation. The uws website says the C'town law orientation is tomorrow from 2-4pm..thats held at the C'town campus..right? Because then i checked my uws email and it said something about a law orientation day at Parramatta...
  12. I Study Hard

    Question About Gym

    So on the uws website it shows that they have a gym etc but it doesn't list the prices for membership and stuff. Can someone tell me around how much the membership costs. Also, can non-students join? My parents told me they got invited to join the gym even though they're not uni students O_O
  13. I Study Hard

    Travel Concession

    I was looking on the UWS website and it says that you can't be engaged in business or employment to get a rail concession sticker. Does this mean i can't get concession, because i have a part time job =(
  14. I Study Hard

    Question ABout Enrolment

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. Is the whole Academic Advising thing compulsory..? And someone explain what to do in the unit set selection bit, because i chose my accounting for business and comm but do i have to choose one for law aswell?
  15. I Study Hard

    Quick Question About Workplace

    Is it likely that we'd actually have to know in depth the development of the law since the 1600/1700s? Because there's already so much to study, and i'm looking over it so i know the basic timeline, i just would not be able to remember the actual years that certain developments happened. Important?
  16. I Study Hard

    UWS bonus subject marks

    I just looked on the website and if i can scrape a band 5 or 6 in legal i'll actually get 10 bonus points that may well be the deciding factor if i get into a law/arts degree or not o.O; *crosses fingers* Did anyone know that subject bonus points actually applied for law courses at UWS?
  17. I Study Hard

    Estimate me please?

    7/60 General Maths 12/38 Business Studies 28/36 Legal Studies 32/36 Economics 117/137 English Adv Uhm, i sort guessed the amount of people in each course from memory because i couldn't find my rank slips, my rank numbers are right though, its just i might have been off with the amount of people...
  18. I Study Hard

    Is this allowed?

    I know a person in my maths class that is, as of last week, only doing Adv English and Gen Maths (4units in all) in school. The other 6 units she has are at TAFE. I know you're allowed to have TAFE courses count towards your HSC, but this many?? ~TBH this has nothing to do with me, i'm just...
  19. I Study Hard

    UAI estimate?

    Just wanting to get a general idea of what my UAI could be. People providing estimates are much appreciated <3 These are my cumulative ranks as of the completion of my half yearlies (they're not very good) Bus St - 25/38 Legal St - 30/34 Economics - 34/39 Gen Maths - 8/61 English Adv - 120/137...
  20. I Study Hard

    Looking For A tutor =(

    I need tutoring in the following subjects: HSC Economics HSC Legal Studies HSC Business Studies Must have completed HS Must have gotten good marks (obviously) Must be able to travel to the Ingleburn area (either to my house or the Ingleburn library) Please post/PM me or you can email me at...