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  1. sladehk

    Best Uni to study med

    clearly you guys are mistaken obviously UWS > all
  2. sladehk

    Game Development

    i mucked around with making Facebook game apps but thats abotu it
  3. sladehk

    RSA and Barista courses

    lol thnx.. who are you btw.. i notice you'r in uws and doing med if you don't mind me asking
  4. sladehk

    My life is plumetting and I'm letting it.

    ive been in similar circumstances, sleeping habits can be fixed. just keep to the time workwise, just ignore everything and study, follow the syllabus coz thats what they ask stuff on goodluck!
  5. sladehk

    Free microwave for use in Penrith campus?

    there should be a microwave avaliable at every campus in the HIVE places
  6. sladehk

    making my own formal dress

    ignore them, good on you!
  7. sladehk

    RSA and Barista courses

    I was thinking of doing both courses, are there any places that are particularly good? or are they all the same? thanks
  8. sladehk

    Masterchef Australia

    how old is poh?
  9. sladehk

    Favourite torrent sites.

    tpb and demonoid been on demonoid (Uploaded: 199.64 GB Downloaded: 34.75 GB Ratio: 5.74 (Updated once a day) for a while, its pretty good but just wondering any other private ones (im friendless and lacking in invites :P)
  10. sladehk

    Who wants 18 million Terabytes of Ram?

    would that be enough for skynet?
  11. sladehk

    Which phone to upgrade to? Choices Choices :(

    thats' literally like a brick!
  12. sladehk

    laptops that cant move

    what? i thought epcs were the ones that you can move coz the harddrives not moving?! or am i confused
  13. sladehk

    Tips for med interview at UWS

    Re: 回覆: Re: Tips for med interview at UWS kath is hot
  14. sladehk

    Tips for med interview at UWS

    bah ^ that is a load of crap they don't ask you that kinda stuff
  15. sladehk

    Official UWS Student List 2008

    med ctown
  16. sladehk

    Tips for med interview at UWS

    just sleep early and have a clear head. that's all you need. none of that preparation crap will help
  17. sladehk

    UWS Most Outstanding Year 11 Award

    darn who are you rusty?
  18. sladehk

    Any interest?

    Anyone interested in developing a facebook application with me? PM for details. Im taking this as a learning process, i barely know the php and mysql but will devote time in the summer holidays to it.
  19. sladehk


    she's cute! xD