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    "Board of Studies lashed over HSC" and other stories

    re: "Board of Studies lashed over HSC", "HSC marks out of the dark" Expect them soon...
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    "Board of Studies lashed over HSC" and other stories

    re: "Board of Studies lashed over HSC", "HSC marks out of the dark" @cem -- the marking criteria used at the time of marking is different to the notes from the marking centre published online; in particular, sample answers are removed before being published. (See p. 13 of the report.)
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    "Board of Studies lashed over HSC" and other stories

    re: "Board of Studies lashed over HSC", "HSC marks out of the dark" The Board has accepted the recommendation of the Ombudsman for students to obtain their raw marks. The Ombudsman recommended that a system separate to FOI be established to handle these requests. You should be able to find...
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    A question about moderation

    You don't receive an assessment mark in Distinction courses.
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    What the hell is going on

    According to an e-mail from UAC:
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    What the hell is going on

    I'm surprised you got a UAI at all. I always thought that you had to pass ten units to get a UAI. It seems I was mistaken.
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    Anomalous Result Inquiry would be the way to go. But only the principal can order one.
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    The Australian loses FOI case

    It's a bit late but here it is. High Court Judgment
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    HSC becomes a reality

    FAQ - personal information I don't think the blogger's school should be made public. Given that, in a single school, most students' patterns of study are unique, it will be easy to identify the blogger. Such a veil of anonymity would disinhibit the bloggers to be more open and honest about...
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    Captain Pi and Raw Marks

    I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail sent today 06 February at 1930 hrs regarding your e-mail address. I did actually put the e-mail address you designated in my bcc. field, so it's possible that it's been flagged as junk e-mail. Good idea. I will do that in future – indeed, right now! I...
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    Creative MP3 HELP!!!

    On the opening Menu, where it says "Music Library\\Now Playing\\Play mode…" Scroll to the lowest level, "System", and select. Go to "Player Settings" > "TouchPad" (below "Sleep Timer") > and select "Clicker to "off". I tried having the clicker on this setting; but I didn't like it because it...
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    Transferring Outlook Archives

    Hello. I need some help: I am running Microsoft Outlook 2003 (SP1). I will be getting another computer for uni but I want to retain past e-mails and put them on my future Outlook program. Is there a way I can do this in one step for all my e-mails? Thanks in advance :) Captain pi.
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    Help: Accepting late offer

    You cannot be enrolled in two courses. If you accept your Late Round offer, your Main Round offer will be rescinded. PS: Surely you thought about whether you would accept your first preference before the offers came out! :confused:
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    casual sex or not?

    What is "Mr Right" is "no good"? Sexual Performance Indicies are not in the public domain.
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    Use of the word 'racism'

    Let us examine some of the premises Mr Yuex has affirmed or implied. Mr Yuex's comment here makes little sense, and does not cohere to any following paragraph (as far as my puny pre-uni eyes can tell). However, considering that he is quite avidly against compensation towards Aborigines, I am...
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    casual sex or not?

    Be careful ur_inner_child! Rumour has it that Beethoven's Sonate Nr 14 does not see anything wrong in casual sex! Assuming this and that one must not do wrong, should an agent ascertain that another person does not consider that sex would arouse 'substantial "relationship" [sic] feelings' prior...
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    Use of the word 'racism'

    Re: the word 'racism' Mathmite forgets that one does not have to give private land back literally to award adequate compensation. Please don't use the word "un-Australian": it degrades your otherwise intelligent posts.
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    Use of the word 'racism'

    Re: the word 'racism' (This is not a comment on the content, rather the way it was expressed.) I think, while repetition is generally effective, you should be careful as to what you are repeating. In the above case, because you are repeating "I didn't see[object]", it focuses the reader's...
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    Captain Pi and Raw Marks

    So this could be a legitimate timeline: 5 Jan + 21 days determination time + 5 times postage margin => 31 January I should have received something. I promise I'll let you know the day I get the determination.