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  1. trecex1

    Maths/Physics Tutoring - 99.95 | 3U 100 | 4U 100 | Phys 96

    Hi I graduated in 2017 with an ATAR of 99.95 achieving Band 6 in all subjects. I am offering tutoring services for HSC Mathematics (2U, 3U and 4U) and Physics (I have studied the new course and have plenty of resources) I am extremely familiar with the HSC syllabus for these subjects, and...
  2. trecex1

    Aligning predictions

    I feel like this year's aligning will be really low, especially for b6. Thoughts?
  3. trecex1

    Raw marks

    What is everyone predicting their raw mark to be? Honestly felt like I did worse than previous years, though the questions felt easier.
  4. trecex1

    Share your pre exam routines

    With externals in a month's time... Post what you're doing/planning to do straight before an exam- E.g Stay up late the night before/skip breakfast/read notes until the last minute/relax / sleep in (for those afternoon ones)
  5. trecex1

    Prelim eng feels like a waste of time

    yeah..not learning anything that's gonna be useful for yr12. School currently setting assessments not even remotely related to hsc. Also I feel like essays structures for hsc modules are completely different to writing about random themes + half the work is going to be perfecting essays then...
  6. trecex1

    projectile question

    Just need help with part iv) (don't really know what question means) you can assume all other parts are true.
  7. trecex1

    When integrating to ln/log...

    Will not putting absolute value around what is inside ln/log lose marks? When do/don't you put it instead of just regular bracket? Eg. Indefinite integral of tanxdx = -ln(cosx)+c or -ln|cosx| + c? Seen some solutions that use abs and some with brackets, also some just don't put anything eg...
  8. trecex1

    perms/combs question

    In how many ways can 4 men and 4 women be arranged around a circular table if: All men are in pairs separated by two pairs of women. Leave some reasoning in the steps pls, ty.
  9. trecex1

    Where can I buy bostes writing booklets?

    I'm talking about the 3 page ones they give you (doesn't matter about logo etc as long as similar thing) Would prefer to buy them somewhere in bulk to use for practise essays/papers. I know I can get a few from school but I doubt they'd give me a whole stack of them
  10. trecex1

    How much will a few ranks affect my hsc mark?

    So I'm pretty disappointed after half yearlys for ext 1 maths particularly (haven't got paper back) since I made careless mistakes on some fairly easy questions. The test was 25%, and best case I'm still ranked about top 5. So if I work really hard now and top my school in external how much will...
  11. trecex1

    Anyone know good tutoring place for english adv?

    Students who have gotten 90+ in adv english - private or group tutoring? I've tried north shore english, seems a bit too short (1.5hrs) and a lot of the time the stuff learnt doesn't help me in school assessments.
  12. trecex1

    What rank do I need for these HSC marks.

    Aiming for 98+ in MX1 and 90+ in chem, school was ranked in 40's last year Anyone know minimum ranks I need /48 for chem and /45 for mx1. Also I heard if highest score last year at my school was 93 for chem you can't get over?