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  1. jk

    is myunsw and webct properly updated??

    jesus.. due date for session 2 payment is tmr and myunsw still doesnt give me an updated version of payment slip.. and webct isnt also properly updated, listing wrong subjects :( is it only for me or anyone else?? what should i do to avoid penalty though its not my fault??
  2. jk

    unsw toilet...

    while doing my sam's sex shop stuff in library, i went to toilet and saw following advertisement attached on da door... "gay, bi, curious? http://groups.msn.com/unswboiz" (also saw some graffiti like "want a blowjob? east Quad" :) ) i was like... :eek: so when i back to home, i...
  3. jk

    where is randwick racecourse???

    is there any bus going there from eddy ave at central???? thanx~
  4. jk

    acct1501 question

    ahhh i was gonna ask to webct but i somehow cant get into it now.... so anywayz.... what's the difference between acct principle and acct assumption???? can ne1 help??? thanx ps french version of 8-mile ...hjahahahahh i love france
  5. jk

    whatis journal???

    is it like keeping ur notes and stuff like that?? or like writing ur own essays about things u learnt in every lecture and stuff??? im just confused wit that....cuz i got journal posting for my int business and still dont figure it out clearly... anyone explain to me??thanx:) p.s is...
  6. jk

    quantitative methods a

    anyone here with leung??? he's kinda good i think:p but math again........and excel thing.............shit :( n e way, has any1 tried to access ur mywebct thing? cuz i cant find econ1202 as my added course... is it just me or leung hasnt done it yet??? thanx much~
  7. jk

    where are these places?

    mmmm....the map sucks :( anyway, where r physics theatre and keith burrows theatre??? thanx heaps:)
  8. jk

    any fee payin student??help~~

    since im in overseas now, i cant do thingz like getting id and those sorta things and when i log in myunsw today, it said i need to finalise my payment by 5th march... since ima fee payin student, i thought i need to pay half of 18720$ for a semester (as specified in uac boolket), which is...
  9. jk


    hi i got an offer from unsw and i was gonna accept it thru myunsw...but it still doesn work yet.. does anybody know when exactly its goin to be available for 2004 students accepting offer??? thanx:)
  10. jk

    uai seeker.......

    firstly i gotta say thank you for all of u who made this program..its been alot of helps for me...and has been pretty accurate too... (thnx for bored of studies too :) ) btw, what;s to do with uai seeker now? do i just leave it or is there ne wayy i can let my friend doing hsc in 2004 use...
  11. jk

    Sadam Was Fake!!!!!

  12. jk

    question about offer

    i donno if this thread is related to this forum but im doing this anyway (sorry if it shouldn't be here) i got a question about the early round offer.. i just read the uac guide book and it says the early offer will be made to international fee payin students and so on so on... but what...
  13. jk

    what would be raw mark 4 band6??

    yeah yeah the exam was ummm....really @#@#^TY@#%@^ as sumone's already described:mad1: n e way..i think 2003 math was harder than 2002....so wouldn the cut off for band6 (hopefully) be lower....??(around 90-95??) cuz i remember minai sayin that he got aligned mark 89 in 2002 with his raw...
  14. jk


    whatz da minimum mark for band 6 in esl?? i mean a raw mark... thanx for any thought:) ps r there around 2000 doing esl in nsw?? or more??:confused:
  15. jk

    extended response q in hsc...

    hey what u guys think the extended response q gonna be?? in 2001 i think it was mix of global and marketing and in 2002 it was mix of global and employment relations... i think this year they gonna put some question asking both global biz and management change...(don think finance...
  16. jk

    about section iii

    hi i just got a question about section iii the rubric says; "use ur knowledge and the economic information provided" ok..in what way do we use the information provided? is it like history where we use "as shown in source A ~blah blah~~"? (those modern people u know what i mean:D )...
  17. jk

    about market failure....

    in my cssa trial there was a question "why does market failure occur?" and i answered "price mechanism in market economy only counts private benefit and cost while it fails to take into account social benefit and cost" and i ended up with 0 mark :confused: :mad1: can any1 point out...
  18. jk


    though i been lookin through all threads about reliability... i think i am still messed with the reliability question..:confused: letz say...we are analysing kitcherner's britons want u propaganda poster... this source is reliable in understanding british use of propaganda and what is...
  19. jk

    b commerce and b economics....

    hi... is there any significant difference between b commerce and b economics in unsw????? (other than cut-off) and if there isn, how come commerce's cutoff is higher than that of economics?? i just don understand:( and what would u guys prefer between those two?? thanx for any help:) :)
  20. jk

    cssa trial...what did u get?

    i just got it back today...got 88........so happpy bout it:) what did u guys get??