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    Hi I am not sure if this has been asked but how often (the number of people) do undergradutes receive the Macquarie University Innovation Scholarship (roughly 98.5-99.3) and/or The Alex Mitchell Scholarship. Are many given out each year and with a UAI of 98.9,is it likely that i would recieve...
  2. J

    Maq to UNSW

    Hi, I know this may have been asked a few times but am not exactly sure. I achieved a UAI of 98.9 and am considering doing Commerce/law at Maquarie University. However I am not sure about the law part but am willing to give it a go. If i say after 1 semester or even 1 year, i despise of the...
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    Cold War

    Hi. How did you find the Cold War questions and which one did you choose. I chose the second one. The questions were: (a) Evaluate the view that the Korean War was the most signficant crisis affecting supoerpower relations in the period 1948-1962 OR (b) Assess the imact of the Soviet invasion...
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    Russia/Soviet Union Question

    How did you find the Russia question. I thought this was the harder bit out of the other questions. The questions were: (a) How significant was military victory in the Civil War for the Bolshevik consolidation of power in the period up to 1924? (25 Marks) OR (b) Evaluate the view that...
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    Trotsky Personality

    Hey how did everyone find the Trotsky personality question. I think it worked ok for Trotsky These were the 2 questions (a) Outline the main features in the backround and rise to prominance of the twentieth-century personality you have studied (10 marks) (b)To what extent does history present us...
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    Wessta 2006

    Hi everyone Just wanted to know if anyone has the extended response questions for this paper or from any other paper (except CSSA) thanks
  7. J

    New IR Reforms

    Hi I am currently doing this section in the Labour Market chapter for HSC Economics: Labour market policies • current industrial relations framework – safety net, wage cases, enterprise bargaining, workplace agreements, individual contracts – role of the courts...
  8. J

    NEW 2006 Syllabis Trotsky Question

    Hi Like everyone doing Modern History we are currently studying the new syllabis. With the personality section, as from the specimen paper, it is broken up into two parts. First part worth 10 marks just wants students to outline his role to prominance. However it is the second part which is...