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    Is it possible to do BABS1201 during semester 2 of stage 1? or is it only available during stage 1, semester 1? Thank you :)
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    Which is better? Enrolling into tutorials/lectures/labs with high or low number of people? E.G I can choose between: Tutorial 2 of 2 T1 3158 T11E Open 18/35 Tue 11:00 - 12:00 (Weeks:2-4,5-13) Tutorial 2 of 2 T1 3159 T11F Open 7/35 Tue 11:00 - 12:00...
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    Hecs unsw

    As part of my enrolment process, they require my Tax File Number. I entered mine in but there is a bold message below: WARNING: Your enrolment as a Commonwealth supported student will be cancelled if you do not either pay your student contributions up front or give your TFN (or the...
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    Dilemma ------ selecting courses

    Hello, I am science person and I want to get into research after I graduate from university. Hence, I select advanced science. However, I heard Advanced Science in general has low employment rate. Please verify that for meh. After reading the available majors in B.Advanced Science, I think i...
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    Chemical Enginnering

    Is extension 1 HSC maths sufficient for chemical engineering? Or extension 2 maffs will be required too? Thanks :D
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    Combined Advanced Science and Bachelor of Arts

    If i do the above combined degree, will that be enough for me to become a science teacher without doing the Bachelor of education? If not, what else do i have to undertake b4 i can qualify as a teacher?
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    directrix line parabola

    Do we draw the directrix as a dotted line or solid line?
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    Why do i get this popping up when i try to apply for scholarship: "You are not in the required year of study to apply for this scholarship."
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    medical science future career options

    For me, I would like to get into medical science and go into some kind of research. From what i have read and heard, it seems like it is quite difficult in getting a job after graduating from Med. Science. If that is so, i am planning to go into teaching if i can't find a job after graduating...
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    atar estimate (havent received report yet)

    After receiving my trial marks, i can again estimate my ranks :) (my ranks might be better after receiving report but the following ranks are of the worst possible) Standard eng: 6/100 Maths 2u: 4/24 Chemistry: 1/13 Physics: 5/15 Biology: 3/39 Ancient History: 1/43
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    help with simple q

    When a question says leave your answer to the nearest millimetre (but the info provided by the q are all in centimetres), should my answer be expressed as millmetres (e.g. 34mm) or should it be (3.4cm to the nearest millmetre)?
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    independent paper 2002 solutions

    Could someone msg me the solutions to the 2002 independent paper? if they have it? :?
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    atar estimate (b4 receiving trials results)

    School rank: 400ish I do 12 units. Std English: 5th (i think i will remain 5tH cause i did pretty bad in trials) Biology: 5th Chemistry: 2nd Ancient History: 2nd Physics: 4th Mathematics (2u): 5th OR if i get the ranks below after receving trial results what would my atar be? Std...
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    biology prac

    What would be in a bio prac that involves smoking and lung cancer?
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    multiple choice on Pasteur

    In his experiment, Pasteur used specifically designed flasks and broth. What steps would he need to do in order to make this experiment VALID? (A) pour equal amounts of broth into 2 DIFFERENT types of flask. Boil both flasks for the same time. OR (B) pour equal amounts of broth into...
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    Quick general question

    When i quote a line from a FILM and state the technique used in the line, do i say the (name of the director) used (whatever technique)? OR Do I say the (the name of the script writer) used (whatever technique)? (If i use the name of script writer, do i have to mention it in the...
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    Museum of human disease

    Hey guys I am going on an excursion to the Museum of Human Disease. All i am given is: "Search for Better Health-to provide activities that can not be done in the classroom".. should i ask the teacher what will the assessed dotpoints on the day? Also, have any of you guys been there already? If...
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    Red-Green colour blindness

    For red- green colour blindness, is one red or green cones absent or both red and green cones are absent?
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    titration - taking average results

    25ml of an uunknown conc. soln is titrated against a known 0.22 mol/L NaOH. We are given that 0.3, 0.35 and 0.3 of NaOH are used in the 1st, 2nd and third titration respectively. Calculate the unknown acid conc. So to find the volume of NaOH used, do i take the average of 0.3, 0.35 and 0.3...
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    reaĺly really quick question :D

    Q: how many years will it take for the population of kangaroos to double? Say i worked out that it takes approximately 18.0196 years for a population of kangaroos to double, do i express my answer as 18 years or 19 years?