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    is it still possible to get an atar above 91?

    please don't be discouraged, 3 assessments can change your rank significantly if you do well, now is not the time to look back but rather work with the time you have, and nothing is impossible, but with that being said you have to work extremely hard and solidly focus on all your subjects. "Let...
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    Is it too late for a high atar?

    No its never too late to study or to achieve your goals, you still have the trials and the actual HSC. You just need to figure out a study plan and study techniques that suit your time and goals ."Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you and you are sure to succeed" Abraham Lincoln
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    What are the chances the BOS accepts a sickness for a HSC exam?

    call your school and talk to your career advisor they should be able to give you the correct information. And i'm pretty sure that there is no guarantee that they will accept it also your doctor needs to fill in a section of a particular form i think its called misadventure because my career...
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    atar estimate please

    no, its not a new school just a performing arts school
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    atar estimate please

    hi unfortunately its a performing school therefore only focuses on performing arts rather than academic side and its standard english
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    atar estimate please

    hi guys could i please have an atar estimate (exam rank) biology: 11/16 physics: 5/10 english: 14/81 aboriginal studies: 1/7 chemistry: 5/9 school rank: 492 thanks guys
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    Holiday pre-study

    same feeling
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    Holiday pre-study

    ummm do you mean first three topics of maintaining a balance or the core modules other then that great job, I really hope you do get 99.95
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    Violence erupts in Sydney over anti-Islam film

    before you comment on our belief system, have you even looked at it, please stop being so judgemental and arrogant and actually educate yourself about the religion itself and ignore the people. The people that protested on Saturday only represented a small minority of uneducated radical Muslims...
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    Violence erupts in Sydney over anti-Islam film

    the protest that occurred last Saturday represented a very small minority of Muslims, please before you judge any religion look into it. As every religion has extremists.
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    H - s - c ?

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    The Umat Results 2012.

    when do the results come out?
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    Is UWS really as bad as everyone gives it credit for??

    No,its the Campbelltown campus
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    Anyone thinking about giving gifts to their teachers?

    what if your teachers have declined to help you throughout the entire year?