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    Transferring to B Construction Project Management at UTS from B Arts in Media at Macq

    What type of GPA would I need to achieve in order to transfer to B Construction Project Mgmt at UTS?
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    raw mark for a 65 in eco???

    yeah i stuffed up
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    can i still get 75

    Adv English 37/37 Gen Maths 33/53 Economics 3/8 Legal Studies 10/15 Biology 16/39 Studies of religion 23/56 School rank 300's Is an ATAR of 75 still achievable?
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    does anyone have any advice on how to write a generic essay for Hamlet, which can be applied to any question? thanks
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    Essay marking

    Will anyone be willing to mark my economics, legal studies or english essays? for english i did the crucible, birthday letters, hamlet, pride&prej/letters to alice and for legal options i did family and consumer thanks
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    hey guys, i'm sort of stuck on how to write a generic hamlet essay, which can be applied to any question, any suggestions?
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    Just wondering

    Do most people generally get a higher atar than initially expected?
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    English trials?

    How'd everyone go?
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    legal studies essay question

    'assess how compliance and non-compliance are demonstrated in the operation of consumer law' could someone please explain what this question is asking? thanks
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    Adv english

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has a copy of their essay on conflicting perspectives and can kindly send it to me, because I currently only have 1 related text and I want to know 2 just incase. THANKS
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    What internal rank will I need for these subjects in order to get 72 ATAR

    School rank 308 Biology 42 Economics 8 Legal Studies 18 Adv English 33 Gen Maths 52 Sor1 65
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    Eco help

    Can anyone please explain the multiplier effect to me, preferably using an example?
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    ATAR estimate please

    Studies of religion 27/65 Biology 32/42 Economics 4/8 Advanced English 30/33 General Maths 39/52 Legal Studies 14/15
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    need help with eco assignment

    Hey guys, I'm really confused as to how I can incorporate the stimulus (below) in my answer. And what are the main points I must include? "Macro economic policies impact upon the level of aggregate demand to affect the level of economic activity. Monetary policy involves influencing the level...
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    I don't understand all this ranking business

    Please someone explain, I'm quite slow.
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    UTS insearch

    Does anyone know anything about it? (Is it worth all the money and how are the people like)
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    Hey guys, just wondering do rankings change much from after half yearly reports to the end of the year?
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    Tutoring for economics, biology, adv english

    Anyone tutor these subjects or know any good tuition colleges in the Blacktown-Parramatta area that tutor these subjects?