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  1. NWO

    Human Bio 108- no past paper? Gonna fail

    hi guys, I don't know if this is the place to ask but do any of you guys have past papers for MQ "Human Bio 108". Like any past paper would be fine lol. I need to get used to the forma. BIO 108 doesn't even want to give us past papers or anything that's going to help. sad uni... Gonna get...
  2. NWO

    Unable to enroll online for both courses...

    So, this is what happened. At Macquarie uni, I first got enrolled into the course "b of commerce professional accounting" and units like 2 weeks ago via e-student online. On the 31st Jan, I received a late offer, and I accepted "business accounting". I gave the faculty a call, and she said...
  3. NWO

    What does asterisk next to the course mean?

    In the newspaper, next to the course is an asterisk. Does it mean it is full? Somehow I got in... http://www.uac.edu.au/documents/atar/2013-late-cutoffs.pdf Courses to which no offers have been made on the basis of 2012 Australian Year 12 results are shown on the course list with an...
  4. NWO

    Timetable so empty??

    So, basically I have enrolled into b commererce- pro accounting ( single degree). I'm an undergraduate. It seems like my time table is so empty. I only have a lecture and a tutorial ( 55 min per unit) per week? Is this right? It is because I am doing a single degree, thus my time table is pretty...
  5. NWO


    This might be a stupid question but I want to be sure. There is an option for one of my courses: 2014, Session 1, North Ryde, Day&Evg "Day&Evg" does it mean you can EITHER attend the morning section or the evening one, or both? thanks lol
  6. NWO

    what are sessions?

    I don't know if they are sessions in all unis but for mac, what do you mean by session 1 and session 2? When u r enrolling in units on the e student website. e.g. 2014, session 1, North Ryde, Day & Evn Any ideas? ty
  7. NWO

    Macquarie Uni Enrollment Question??

    Hi, I have decided to enroll, but to enroll what I do not know. I just do not know what to tick to enroll as there are like 10 options..? The questions I have are below: -I'm planning to do full time at uni. - How many units do you need? - What exactly are internal and external...
  8. NWO

    Change campus of the course?

    My first preference has offered me a spot at Mac Uni- campus which is based in Ryde. However, since I did not choose the city campus, can I still change it or not? It's still the same course after all. ty
  9. NWO

    Accept or Decline offers?

    I recently discovered that I have been offered for my first preference. However, do I have to accept/ decline it before the dead line? I just want to wait for my second preferennce to see if they would offer me. But if I wait too long, will they cancel their offer? Any advice? Much appreciated.
  10. NWO

    Sending UAC preferences in..?

    If I wish to submit my preferences in, in UAC, do all I have to do is click "save" everytime which gets sent to UAC? Anything else? just need to be sure lol thanks
  11. NWO

    How to legit achieve that 1 atar???

    Hello. I need an atar of 80. However, I am stuck at 76 lol... I got a maximum of 3 bonus points which brings me to 79. However, I need that bloody- un reachable- 1 atar that seems to be out of grasp. Ive got bonus points.. regional doesn't seem to work. cant think of any other ways. Any ideas?
  12. NWO

    similar marks?

    I still don't get how your marks are determined. for example. for extention 1 maths, examination mark was 40. Assessment mark was also 40. and hsc mark was 40... How does it work?
  13. NWO

    Pay to get in?

    I am just 1.5 atar short of my desired atar. It it possible to pay a bit to get in? I'm sure the uni loves money lol
  14. NWO

    lol atar estimate? 88+ or 75+??

    Different atar calcuators gave me different results which resulted in the loss of hope. what ATAR dou guys reckon ill get? earth: 82 eco: 72 eng stand: 77 2U mat: 75 math ext: 35/50 sor: 39/ 50 fml
  15. NWO

    1 or 2?

    For 2011 "Analyse the significance for the individual of ONE significant practice" im doing hajj do u also talk about the community? like a sense of unity is conveyed on the pilgrimage.? it doesnt ask for community so do i mention or not?
  16. NWO

    SOR Extreme Confusion!!

    I do SOR 1. For section iii im doing buddhism. so here are the questions. 2012- The significant people and schools of thoguht that have the most impact are those that challenge adherents follow Buddhist teachings more closely... How accuracte is this statement in relation to ONE significant...
  17. NWO

    Section III- Exchange Rate Question? Didn't answer the question?

    I chose Q25. "Explain how movements in the Australian dollar can affect the performance of the Australian economy." This is what i did. Trend of Australian dollar: One full page using the stiumulus Causes of movements: Interest rates differential, inflation rates, TOT supply and demand...
  18. NWO

    Current Account Defict relationship? Confused like a cat...

    Can i say. Causes of high CAD A depreciation of the Australian dollar can contribute to high CAD. If the AUD depreciates, it would mean lower Terms of Trade = lower export prices = lower export earnings = worsening CAD.. This is right, right??? As long as u say why?
  19. NWO

    - 2013 evil bos questions-

    How does fiscal policy affect income distribution in the Australian economy. I didnt study that specfic part. So, can i also mention, economics growth, inflation, unemployment, 2013 Federal Budget, as well as income distribution etc...? Or are they gonna troll and give you a 0 if u dont?
  20. NWO

    Gonna fail Econmics

    OMG gonna fail economics this time.. I dont know what to study for extended responses (25 marks) Should i study labour market essay??? They havent asked once in hsc. I got that question from one of the trials. any ideas?