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  1. bassguy

    Best songs of 2007 so far?

    Nine Inch Nails - Great Destroyer And most of Year Zero, come to think of it Queens of the Stone Age - Turning On The Screw
  2. bassguy

    Greatest ever game created....ever

    Half-Life 2, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Starcraft To the guy who said Black - are you serious? Pretty guns don't make a shit game good. Whoever said UT rawks.
  3. bassguy

    Thoughts on the exam

    Time travel will do that to you.
  4. bassguy

    Parker and appeasement

    I really need to know stuff about Parker and his views on appeasement. Anything, really. Please help if you can.
  5. bassguy


    I dug it. Thoughts?
  6. bassguy

    General Thoughts - English Adv Paper 2

    I thought this exam went really well. I was especially happy with BNW/BR in section 1. Bombed Lear a bit, even though it was an easy question. But yes. Good.
  7. bassguy

    thoughts on 2 units adavnced

    Re: thoughts on 2 units advanced Easy. Raped that fucker. Q10 was strange, but I had about 45 minutes to go so I just worked it through really carefully. 115+
  8. bassguy

    New Radiohead - 10th Oct.

    Amnesiac > Kid A in my opinion In Rainbows was rather underwhelming on first listen, but it's growing on me.
  9. bassguy

    Did anyone watch Summer Heights High?

    Re: Did anyone watched Summer Heights High? Summer Heights is awesome. Best series I've seen for ages. The whole time i was sitting there going 'I know these people...'
  10. bassguy

    Big Day Out 2008

    I actually had no idea the official site was on sale at midnight. I just went on Ticketmaster, got them with no trouble apart from nervous waiting.
  11. bassguy

    staying motivated?

    Totally with you here. We have all that after the HSC as well...I just can't be bothered. I know it's worth 50% and everything, but having already done the half-yearlies and trials makes it seem like it's already over.
  12. bassguy

    Big Day Out 2008

    What a dilemma. RATM sideshow or BDO? One week to choose.
  13. bassguy

    Nine Inch Nails postpones Sydney shows

    I went to the Saturday show. Holy shit. The set list was really unexpected at times, which was awesome. Stuff like Dead Souls, Great Destroyer, Day the World Went Away... And of course, Hurt was phenomenal.
  14. bassguy

    What's Modern History Like?

    Modern is all hard-like. There's a loooot of stuff to learn.
  15. bassguy

    die for your country

    The question is, why would you? I don't feel any particular loyalty - I just live here. Besides, Australia has such a high percentage of bogan scum. The nationalist traditions all revolve around people who are average in every way, with nothing to make them stand out except possibly an ability...
  16. bassguy

    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    So far, Midnite Vultures by Beck. I've been listening to this album heaps over the last couple of weeks, it's really really good.
  17. bassguy

    CSSA trial extension 1

    Our trial must have been really different, it said it was based on the CSSA paper but I don't recognise a lot of this stuff. Ours was hell hard though. Should be able to get high 80s low 90s, but its not what I'm used to in Maths.
  18. bassguy

    Catholic School Trials

    So Maths Ext 1 was ridiculously hard. But I still finished, should be good for 44 out of 50 or so. Extension History on Friday...anyone else?
  19. bassguy

    CSSA Maths Trial!!

    My one must have been changed a lot - it said it was based on the CSSA trial, but I don't recognise this stuff. Was pretty easy though, finished with about 45 minutes free.
  20. bassguy

    Hardest Topic in 3unit?

    P and C, and also logs + exponentional functions. They're everywhere, and I just can't remember the fuckers.