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  1. jooobl

    I want a camera/video phone - please help I am clueless.

    Hi I really really want to get a new phone, within the week, and I was wondering what I should get. I am completely clueless, so if you are going to say omg get this one it has 5.6087 ijf with a wifi mb, gps 6.0 please explain it ;) I want it to be able to take good pictures, and video- and...
  2. jooobl

    my allocations. Where do I find this again, I have forgotten

    Where is my allocations located again? I can't find it in my student admin [is it there?] So i have no idea where to go tomorrow!! Lmao:rofl:
  3. jooobl

    How much do you pay per week for your Fitness First Membership? [rip off]

    Fitness First Membership? [rip off] - How much per week do YOU pay? So about this time last year I signed up for a 12 month contract at the gym, and it is about to expire... During the last 12 months I find out there are many people paying a lot less than I am.... Per week I spend 19.95...
  4. jooobl

    Guns N Roses Concert?

    Is anyone going/thinking about going? I like their songs like sweet child of mine and welcome to the jungle, but unsure if it would be worth going?
  5. jooobl

    I hate Pathophysiology :(

    I hate it! Not only is the content difficult esp: pharmacology - but that lecturer who does the cardiovascular patho lectures seriously needs to learn how to speak english... *cry* and I have a test on monday :(
  6. jooobl

    Where do you Look when buying a car?

    When buying a car, where do you look? Hi I am about to start looking for a car to buy - so where should I begin? I want something $5000 or under [preferably alot under], with aircon, auto, decent, isn't going to break down etc...what would you suggest? So when looking for a new car where...
  7. jooobl

    Who else is waiting for a final round offer

    I am.. :o if so, what are you hoping to get?
  8. jooobl

    Epilating Question

    I have an epilator and I was wondering about something - my epilator is an emjoi and it's pretty good, but hair grows back faster than waxing- i think it kind of snaps alot of the hairs, but anyway thats not my question my question is what do u guys do about hairs that kind of grow...
  9. jooobl

    Do you have to be religious to go to ACU?

    Just wondering if you need to be religious to go to ACU, do you need to do catholic subjects etc.. Also I was wondering if I applied for a nursing course in the Final Round offers - how likely is this going to be offered to me - is the course usually full up by this time? Or do I have a...
  10. jooobl

    Nursing offered in Final Round at Kuringai?

    I have completely changed my mind about my preferences after first being accepted for a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences and USYD after going to enrol- decided this isn't what i wanna do- and was wondering how likely it is that I will get into Nursing at Kuringai at UTS - in the Final Round...
  11. jooobl

    Live Webcamming On A Website

    Does anyone know how to set up a live webcamera website that people can just type in the URL, and view the live screening? Is this even possible? - And if it is, is it easy, because I don't wanna buy a website and do all that html stuff. And no I am not wanting to do anything dirty with...
  12. jooobl

    Rock Star Supernova [spoiler- if you haven't seen the finale]

    Does anyone here watch this show? I was hooked!!- and I am so so so so so so disapointed with the result... They had some kick ass singers on that show, and they chose my LEAST favourite to front the band. Seriously, Lukas sings/screams like he has a frog/cat stuck down his throat. I can't...
  13. jooobl

    Foo Fighters Are Coming Again...

    I really like the Foo Fighters, and they are coming to Sydney in October this year. But I really only like the Foo Fighters for their rock stuff, and this concert will be all acoustic... Is anyone thinking about going and/or do you reckon it would be worth it?? (does anyone have a list of...
  14. jooobl

    MSN & Mobiles

    What is a good website to log onto MSN from your mobile? I used to use E-messenger, but it has been having alot of problems and not signing me in anymore.... Are there any other decent ones that work well... PS I have a 6610i Nokia Phone if that helps...
  15. jooobl

    DSE Powerhouse!

    HI everyone Does anyone know anything about working at DSE powerhouse? ANY information, ie: pros and cons would be really appreciated as I have an interview soon Even if you don't work there - and you know people who do, tell me their experiences... I really need to know about this job ...
  16. jooobl


    tired of hearing that so far everyone on this site has done so well??? I want to hear about people who did not so well...And I am not talking about people who complain because their marks/hsc wasnt 99.9 as oposed to 99.... I would say that I didn't go as well as most of the people here...
  17. jooobl

    CONCERT: FOO FIGHTERS!!! ... anyone going??

    Hi Everyone I thought I would share my excitement over the Foo Fighters CONCERT that I am going to this THURSDAY (1st December)... Is anyone else going????? If so,,,, Where are you located? Mosh or seating? and By which means of transportation??? AND what time are you guys gonna...
  18. jooobl

    PLEASE HELP ME, what the hell is aeq?

    Ok this is a pretty far fetched question and I doubt anyone will know but if any of you do please tell me!! I got a letter in the mail from my school and it said congrats you won a prize for English standard, Music 1 (aeq), and a full blue My question is what is that little (aeq) bit...