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    Help! stuck on what am I going to write about (creative writing common module year 11)

    Theme is "transformation" and needs symbolism. Could be inner transformation or physical and that what not. List all ideas you have. I really want to do well on this. Some ideas already are like transforming into a new person after beating an addiction e.g if it is a vape and that could be the...
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    how ATAR is calculated questions?

    So imagine if I got like 90 percent in all of my other assessments. considering the hsc makes up 50 percent of your ATAR do you have to score 90 percent on each atar exam to get a 95+ atar. Still confused on the lowest score you can get on your hsc exams while getting an over 95 atar
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    I am in 2nd class for English so it will be assumed that people in this class will go to English standard. However, the teacher recently told us that next year for term 1 all levels of people will undertake the same module which is "reading to write" and this is a chance for us to try our best...