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    Help please

    Just did my maths exam today and it was pretty bad, mostly because I know I made a lot of silly mistakes and also because there were 2 questions that were really hard. I feel like I did really bad in it and am just relying on scaling to somewhat boost my mark, that is if everyone else found it...
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    Bio rank

    So my bio rank is pretty crap and I wanted to know if having a low rank will cause your HSC bio mark to scale down as well?
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    Bio content

    Anyone else still struggling to learn all the bio content? There's too much 😭 Has anyone found an effective way to study for it
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    Stressed as hell

    Hey guys I know this is pretty late but I have just been worrying over this for a long time. So I had wanted an ATAR of 90+ and I would actually need at least an ATAR of 92 for my course at usyd. Though, lately I have been having doubts that now I might not be able to achieve this goal because I...
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    Studying strategy help

    I have finished memorising my content for SOR and English(unit summaries). So from last week I made the decision to stop memorising all the content that I have left which is bio and business and then doing past papers. Now instead I am doing past papers so that way I am applying content through...
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    I think I am screwed

    Hey guys, so there's like 3 weeks left till HSC exams start and I think I am done for. I have a timetable, but it got stuffed up last weekend. What I have been doing each day this week is that I do the work that's on my timetable and then if I can, I try to fit in the work that I didn't do last...