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  1. Masaken

    polynomials qn

    how would you go about solving this? thanks in advance
  2. Masaken

    graphing transformations

    In the old syllabus, was graphing transformations (from Further Functions I think) part of the the Preliminary Extension 1 syllabus? (Stuff such as y = |f(x)|, y^2 = f(x), |y| = f(x) and all that). Was looking through the all the past papers of the old syllabus and none of those kinds of...
  3. Masaken

    perms and combs circle qn

    Four boys and four girls are arranged in a circle. In how many ways can this be done, if the boys and the girls are in distinct groups? Would it be 4! x 4! (because you only need to mix around the boys and girls separately) or 3! x 4! (fix one boy first) ? I've received conflicting answers on this.
  4. Masaken


    are ellipses anywhere in the extension 1 course (+ more precisely, year 11 in the new syllabus)? wondering because a maths qn i'm doing is asking me to sketch an ellipse after finding its equation and i have no idea how to do it
  5. Masaken

    perms and combs qn

    how would you do this with perms and combs? the worked solutions are using a probability tree and i think there's probably an easier way to go about this question, many thanks in advance
  6. Masaken

    perms and combs qn

    (The answer is B, and I know the total number of ways without restriction is 9C3 but I have no idea how to get to the answer, many thanks in advance)
  7. Masaken

    motion in straight line qn

    hey all, how would you do c and d? many thanks in advance (i've done a and b, and the answers are: for part a 50km/h for Car A and 20km/h for Car B, and for part b the answer is 9 minutes (t = 0.15)
  8. Masaken

    vertical tangents and cusps

    are you able to tell just from a given equation of a curve whether it has a vertical tangent or cusp?? if so, how?
  9. Masaken

    how to interpret this question

    not sure what to do with the given information + where to start, many thanks in advance
  10. Masaken

    chemistry qn

    how would you do this question, and what is the answer? many thanks in advance
  11. Masaken


    how would you start this one?
  12. Masaken

    absolute zero and the gas laws

    how was the value of absolute zero derived from the gas laws? i think it's got something to do with extrapolating the ideal gas law but i don't know where to go from there
  13. Masaken

    9b, a bit confused (calculus)

    for question 9b, i've found y', then made y' = 0 to find the points (got (0,3); (-1, 3/2); (1, -3/2)). however, the textbook answers say the only two points are (0,3) and (1, 1/2), but i'm not sure how they got that answer. worked solutions are confusing as well: and i'm still not sure how they...
  14. Masaken

    differentiation calculus qn

    hello, i've found the answer to part a, which i've found is x + y(b-4)^2 = 2b-4. but with part b (for both i and ii), i've subbed in b = 0 and b = 6 into the equations and i've gotten answers completely different to the correct ones (i got x + 16y + 4 = 0 and x + 4y - 8 = 0 respectively). the...
  15. Masaken

    multiplicity qn help

    I've differentiated P'(x) and then P''(x), then did P''(2). I'm not sure if this is 100% correct so far or what to do next, what would you do?
  16. Masaken

    maths help - perpendicular distance

    Need help with part a, how would you start?
  17. Masaken

    maths qn help

    "Find the equations of the four circles which are tangent to the x-axis, the y-axis and the line x + y = 2." I've drawn out the circles and I know for each circle the distances from the centre to the respective points touching each mentioned line are equal because of radii, and I know that...
  18. Masaken

    why can you cross + intersect horizontal asymptotes

    but never go near a vertical asymptote? i know it as a 'rule' of sorts when sketching (especially for graphing relations) but i want to know why it's like that, i've never really understood why this is the case
  19. Masaken

    pigeonhole principle

    How would I approach this question? (Not asking for a solution but rather how to start answering this question -- what do I look for? What do I consider? That sort of thing. My teacher explained it but I was so confused the entire time -- she just put up random numbers and circled them.) A box...
  20. Masaken

    depth study referencing

    I got my notification for my first Chemistry assessment for the year -- a depth study -- and it requires an 'annotated bibliography in Harvard formatting.' What does it mean to be 'annotated' on a Stage 6 level, and how in-depth do I go with these annotations (like, say which tidbit of...