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    english advanced task 1

    Hello. I received my first english advanced task and I am quite unsure on how to go about it. I have to prepare either a discursive, imaginative or persuasive piece, and write a reflection about it. To be honest I'm not that good at english and I haven't been listening in class, so I really...
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    Tips for subjects

    Hello. I am in my 5th week of year 11 and I am struggling to figure out how to actually study for my subjects. My subjects are: English Advanced, Math Standard 2, Studies of Religion 2, Legal Studies, Business Studies and Business Services (VET). I do somewhat have an idea of how to study for...
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    Explain vs Analyse

    Hello. I am having trouble with analysing. I have a choice to explain or analyse for my task, and I want to try analysing. The explain question: Explain how the concept of disenfranchisement is explored in To Kill a Mockingbird. The analyse question: Analyse how the concept of...
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    pros and cons of choosing new subjects in year 12?

    I'm gonna do sor2, english advanced, math standard2, cafs, legal studies and business services in year 11. I also wanted to do modern history and business studies, but could only choose 12 units. So I was thinking I could drop business services in year 12 and pursue business studies. Same with...
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    Hey :) I recently submitted my subjects for year 11 and 12. I felt good about it at first, but now I'm doubting them... My subjects are: - English advanced - Studies of religion 2 - Math standard 2 - Legal studies - Community and family studies - Business services (VET) I am 100% sure about...