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    ASAP Relative gap difference

    for simplicity's sake just ignore actual moderation process and go by the rank 3 int gets the 3rd highest ext score for their int score etc. etc. which is an accurate enough way of describing the real thing.
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    Is it a disadvantage to have an odd number of units?

    they count your 10 best units for your atar. i.e. the worst among the 10 best might be half a 2u subject.
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    How relevant is business and legal to future studies?

    maybe relevant, but unnecessary. you can cover the relevant content in uni. on the other hand, you might never go and do something like va again formally, if you enjoy it.
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    Dropping Subjects for Year 12

    drop engineering.
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    Medical Work Experience

    Hospitals if you apply really far in advance like a yr. otherwise u can try clinics etc. maybe ask careers advisor for a list of where people previously went and call up those places
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    girraween exams

    keep in mind tho that @vishnay probably is comparing to schools in a similar tier or higher. girra would still probs be better than your run of the mill public school.
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    girraween exams

    friend of a friend = yourself 💀
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    Dr Du or Zhangs

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    Dr Du or Zhangs

    ace materials look good from what i've seen, if that's an option lol
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    Is it worth doing english ext?

    i found it useful. would recommend
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    subject selection help y10

    i like different things, so my recommendations wouldn't be helpful. tho, i wouldnt take cafs. seems like the units would be better used for testing one other possible subject that you might decide to keep in y12. for me, i would do physics.
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    subject selection help y10

    you're going to have to aim for a lot higher if you want undergraduate med, especially if you don't get bonus points. think 99s.
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    Help for either math advanced or math standard!!

    the uni maths courses you'll take for cs/se will go beyond 4u content.
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    English adv hsc

    yes, but it wouldnt be a specific person. if anything it would be like, write from the persona of someone in mod a,b, or c, i would imagine.
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    Yh so what did they do here

    the info they gave is wrong. it takes 2.06 s to get to the other side not 3.5s. iirc this book had quite a few errors.
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    Why don't magnetic fields do work on charged particles?

    w=f.s = fd costheta theta = 90 w = 0
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    Is 4U math prerequisite for a degree in Medicine

    u need 0 maths for medicine lmfao. 4u maths is taken up by these people for 1. scaling 2. high achievers correlate with taking challenging subjects
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    Advice on HSC subject selections please

    i would take x1 (especially if u plan to do uni physics/engi stuff) or chem instead of investigating. triple science is very doable. there's plenty of people who do it.
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    Math ext 1 Calculus exam year 11

    cambridge and papers is all you'll ever need for x1.