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  1. JT145

    Gunman spotted at Syd Boys
  2. JT145

    Timetable UNSW vs myUNSW

    I dropped my elective course in favour of another(GENL 1063). There are 3 slots available for lectures (out of 50 slots), each are in the low to mid 40s. No tutes. However when I go to enrol the option for enrolling in my Wednesday lecture isn't available, even though there are more people...
  3. JT145

    FBE Roll Call Thread

    my fellow fbe homies post here :)
  4. JT145

    UNSW O Week 2014 chat thread

    I anticipate there being many questions related to O week coming up soon so yeah...
  5. JT145

    myUNSW Password issue

    Yesterday I created my myUNSW account, and I placed my username (z(insert numbers here)) and password. However after logging off halfway through sorting out my timetable last night I couldn't log back in for some reason. Apparently there was something wrong with my username and password, and...
  6. JT145

    Will the UAC website crash tomorrow

    I sure hope not, but has there been any historical precedent?
  7. JT145

    When are School Ranks released?

    ^^ and is this list from the Board of Studies or elsewhere? also where do we go to get our atar tomorrow (website) (inb4ObliviousNinja(rightlyso)saysthisisastupidquestion
  8. JT145

    General Thoughts: Geography

    oBLIVIOUS Ninja forgot to bring a calculator hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  9. JT145

    Are you proud of going to your school?

    Are people here proud of going to their school? ObliviousNinja keeps telling me that we should be embarrassed because we go to (x) school (and he keeps rambling on at how he should have gone to Kings or Normo). tbh today at the library at MQ I was one of the only people wearing my school uniform...
  10. JT145

    Who felt more prepared for trials?

    Not just English but other subjects in general. Discuss.
  11. JT145

    HSC End of Year Ranks

    I got my ranks back today in my report. This is for definite ranks ONLY, not for speculative ones. Business Studies: 2/23 English Advanced: 3/51 English Extension 1: 6/11 Geography: 2/12 Modern History: 3/16 Mathematics (2U): 10/16 Super happy as I beat ObliviousNinja in all the classes I'm...
  12. JT145

    JT145's ATAR Guestimates?

    See my sig School rank: Let's go worst case scenario and say 150
  13. JT145

    ATAR Estimate

    School rank: ~100 Advanced English: 3/40 English Extension 1: 6/11 Mathematics 2U: 8/16 Geography: 2/16 Business Studies: 3/26 Modern History: 3/15
  14. JT145

    George Street (Sydney) Redevelopment I'm not sure how good this idea would be traffic-wise, it sounds like a great idea until you factor in traffic. You can't exactly cut off traffic access to Sydney CBD's busiest...
  15. JT145

    Year 12 Maths- 2U or Ext.1?

    I'm finding myself in quite a unique spot here I've always been decent at maths, not always in the top 4/5 in my year but almost always in the top ten (out of around 70) However this year in Extension 1 I've been getting 34 and 44% in my tests, for the second one I studied 16 hours (but didn't...