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    mid b6 2u eng posted resources in resources section

    props to anyone who tries to read my essays. behind the obnoxious english is some logical reasoning, however it is a bit hard to read because that's what happens when you condense a bit too much into too little.
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    Free English Common Module Comprehension Technique Checklist

    This is more techniques than you will ever need in english common module comprehension probably. original version was too long. 20/20 trials, walked in without a list. Day before HSC, I whipped this up real quick to make sure I had a rough idea of what existed for each text. Similar techniques...
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    To the people who are saying cancel the HSC Exams.

    bruh. you know there are actually kids that have grinded for the HSC exams and expect to pop off externals to get into med/law/etc.. What if estimating their marks render them incapable of getting into these courses despite grinding to pop off in the external exams? To the vast majority...
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    What strategies do you guys use to memorise content?

    make sure you can reason/derive things. memorise the syllabus. practice some qs. and u should be good. break big things into little things that u can remember. e.g. have some huge paragraph. word -> word -> word -> word -> word -> word -> end. minimise memorisation load.
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    NESA Extension Subject Marks

    When NESA messages your HSC marks for extension subjects, is it out of 50 or 100? Just wondering. How about for 3unit and 4 unit maths which technically count as 2 units each? Is it 50 or 100?
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    Physics Dynamics Q

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    Exam paranoia

    Here's the thing. I don't worry about exams coming up too much, nor do I worry about not knowing enough. But, after exams, all hell breaks loose. Way too much dwelling and trying to calculate my marks. Anyone got some godly tips for not falling into this loop, without just gaming/eating the...
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    English is whack

    Currently, my English results look like a sine function. It goes up and down - 20,16,20,14 etc. Assessments tend to be marked randomly between the teachers. Perhaps subjectivity is the source of the problem. When the score gets low, the teacher usually comments about a lack of depth...