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    Dr Dr- Accelerated Classes

    I guess if you can cope, it is really up to you! seems like you are doing well though ;)
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    English adv hsc

    I believe they could ask anything in relation to the modules, Nesa is the enemy, so it can be a possibility. lol
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    Creative Writing Feedback.

    Hi Could I get some feedback on this creative I wrote? Thanks!! Snakes Always Strike on Valentines. “I cannot be awake, for nothing looks to me as it did before. Natasha, you mean the world to me, I need you back, I wish you were here to spend your time with me, not anyone else’s - Happy...
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    HI!!! :)

    HI!!! :)
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    Math ext 1 Calculus exam year 11

    Try THSConline. - It may take sometime to find the questions, but it should be in these past papers
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    Chemistry Question!! HELP

    Hi, Is there a difference between yeast and yeast nutrients? This is in the context of an ethanol fermentation practical, also, is there a way to know how much yeast, yeast nutrient, glucose and water are required for fermentation to occur optimally? Thanks!!!
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    Alcoholic fermentation question.

    @jazz519 Would you be able to help with my question? Thanks if you could! " Is there an estimate of how much yeast I should use? in relation to the amount of glucose, I will use." this is in relation to alcoholic fermentation practical.
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    Alcoholic fermentation question.

    Also, is there an estimate of how much yeast I should use? in relation to the amount of glucose I will use. Sorry for any inconvenience!!
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    Alcoholic fermentation question.

    Thanks for the responses so far, for the product of Ethanol (aq), would we have to use fractional distillation to separate the water and ethanol? I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that is the method to determine the amount of ethanol. Right?
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    Alcoholic fermentation question.

    Hi! So I recently got a prac for chem and was confused (I mean really confused) on a method for the fermentation of glucose, the necessary equipment to carry out an experiment and the required calculations to fulfil the aim. The aim is to determine the amount of ethanol produced due to the...
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    is UV light a catalyst in substitution reactions?

    I believe, so, substitution reactions with Cl2 or Br2 utilise UV Light, correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Area using integration Question Help.

    Hi! I was stuck on two questions from the Cambridge Mathematics Extension 1 Textbook => Exercise 5G Q14 and Q17. - I was able to do the graphing and working out but I got the wrong answer from the textbook answers. Could someone help me with worked solutions, so I can see where I went wrong...
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    Hope this serves your endeavours well. :)