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    Laptop Specifications

    Hi guys, I commence my first year at Wollongong University next year. Does anyone know if there are any specific laptop specifications needed for around campus? I'm looking into a windows operating system, not apple. Thanks :)
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    Thoughts on Business Services

    Share your thoughts here :)
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    Thoughts on Italian Beginners

    Share your thoughts here. I didn't mind the exam, however; I didn't like how the listening questions weren't read out. Ciao :)
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    Do you need help with your Independent Research Project?

    Do you need help with your Independent Research Project? My name is Laura and I graduated in 2014. I am willing to offer my expertise to anyone going into year twelve who are completing their Independent Research Project for Community & Family Studies. Why me, you ask... As part of my...
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    ATAR calculation based on trial results

    School Ranking 640 :eek2: Trial Results... Advanced English 70% 10/22 General Maths 77% 11/77 Biology 45% 7/26 CAFS 93% 1/18 Italian Beginners 81% 1/5 Business Services 84% 1/10 Thanks :cool:
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    Early Admissions 2015 - Who's applying?

    Hey all, It's coming up to that time of year where we have to decide what we have to do and applying for early entry. What/where are you thinking of applying for early entry? I am thinking of a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) at UOW and I am not sure what else. Good luck! Sent from my...
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    Yet another ATAR estimate :)

    Can someone tell me roughly what I am going for? My school rank is poor and fluctuates. (Not in top 200). These are my ranks: English Advanced 10/22 (?) - Around the middle. General Maths 16/85 Biology 4/29 Business Services 1/10 CAFS 1/18 Italian Beginers 1/5 Thanks :D NB: I am...
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    Assessment Task Help

    Hi all, I am currently studying 'Speeches' as part of Module C. I have this assessment talk and I don't really know where to start. The question is: "Discuss how Paul Keating's 'Funeral for the Unknown Australian Soldier' and one other speech have questioned established ideas and...
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    Where can a BA Arts (Sociology) get me?

    Hey guys! I was wondering whether any of you guys can give me some advice. I am interested in studying a BA Arts major in Sociology next year. I am just wondering what jobs you can get from it? Does anyone have an idea? Also, is it possible to undertake one year of teaching after I am...
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    CAFS Questionnaire

    I am currently completing an Independent Research Project as part of my HSC course Community and Family Studies. My chosen topic is to investigate the impacts of caring for a disabled child and the effects on the family's well-being. I would deeply appreciate if you could take a few minutes of...
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    Back to school HW diary tips needed

    Hi guys! New year, new HW diary to write in. I find myself very organised at the start of the year by writing in my diary everyday but I tend to become lazy and forget to use it. Anyway, I was wondering - how often do you write in your diary? - do you have any tricks to remember things such...
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    What are your set texts? :)

    Mine are: Area of study - Immigrant Chronicle Module A - Frankenstein/Blade Runner Module B - Speeches Module C - Julius Caesar Feel free to share. Good luck 2014er's! :)
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    What does your daily skin care routine consist of?

    I'll start: - Cosmecology Paris instant clean skin make-up remover - Clearasil daily clear skin perfecting wash [sensitive] - Nivea daily essential refreshing toner - Nivea soft daily moisturiser
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    Most effective way to take notes during a lecture - Tips? ARTS STUDENTS

    Hi everyone! I am currently in year 12 and starting next week (Tues) I am undertaking a six-credit point university course as part of a holiday program that encompasses the idea of belonging. Once completed, it counts as a subject towards a Bachelor of Arts. It is made up of a series of...
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    Belonging related text help - The Boy in the striped pajamas

    Hey all, At the moment I am reading The Boy in thr Striped pajamas for my related material to go alongside my set text the immigrant chronicle poems. Does anyone have any notes w/ techniques + quotes for the novel related to belonging? Thanks :)
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    Structuring CAFS syllabus notes

    Hi all, My teacher told me a good way to make notes was to look at the Syllabus. What I was stuck on was how to structure my notes under each dot-point? My topic is 'Groups in Context' Much help would be appreciated Thank you :drink:
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    How to self learn?

    Buona sera a tutti, My Italian teacher has decided to take leave for the rest of the term and has left us with a non-Italian background. She has left us work to go on with but I'm worried I will fall behind. What is a good way to practice and write notes? How can I keep up? Grazie, Laura
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    English Tutor

    An older friend of mine is offering to tutor me. She averages 96 and is doing her HSC. What type of things can I do with her to improve my marks. I am bad at essays and would like a band five. What should we do each week?