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    Discussion: ACCG352 S2 2011

    So after tonights lecture all i have to say is "are you fucking serious"? And below is one of the gem. Ryle:"weekly tut answer usually uploaded on friday, but since i like to go home early on Friday i'll upload it on Monday." Also not to mention that the unit wasn't even uploaded on...
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    Blackboard down?

    down for you guys as well? damn it, i need some stuff on blackboard.
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    Mentor training

    Did you guys received e-mail regarding online training module yet? Ain't we suppose getting e-mail from them in mid-january.
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    Grade appeal

    Long story short: -Expecting HD, but got D. -Viewed my exam paper today, no clerical error on my final exam paper -When i combined my RAW mark, i'm on HD -My final mark, 9 off HD First time trying to grade appeal. So my question is worth the time and effort to appeal against it? Also, i had a...
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    calling out people who did accg252 last semester

    Hello, people who did accg252 last sem. Can any of you guys tell me which book were used, book listed on coop and semester 1 unit outline are quite different. 1. ACCG252|Applied Financial Analysis & Management|Macquarie University|The Co-op Online Bookshop or 2. Corporate Finance: An...
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    Got a question!!

    hey guys, did accg310 replace accg308 or something??? or there different? accg308 unit outline linking me to accg310 outline. Also it seems everyone are doing accg310, but ain't accg308 core unit?
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    Wtf at library today

    So, i was looking for free tables today but all packed since exams and stuff coming up. I went to level 4 searching for tables near lake side, this girl infront took out a bottel and started spraying at her face....wtf Finally, got a table at level 3. Then the dude next to me out of no where...
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    Clash of the titans

    One word = shit.
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    How stacked is your holiday?

    1. case study 2000 word 2. assignment x 2 20% each 3. few quizzes 4. study for mid-session exam 5. work around 25-33h FML.
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    Selling textbook REALLY CHEAP!!!

    1. 200336 BUSINESS ACADEMIC SKILLS (Don't have the dvd, but it's useless anyway) ($15) (SOLD) 2. 200525 PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS (2 books) (SOLD) 3. 200083 MARKETING PRINCIPLES 7th edition ( with OneKey, never touched) ($25 ) Bought those books 2nd semester last year. If interested...
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    Textbook confuison

    Hey guys, for Busl250 textbook the ISBN number are different on the co-op website and in the Busl250 studyguide in blackboard. Which one should i follow? i saw a good deal for 60 bucks and the ISBN match co-op. Should i wait till the first lecture or just buy it? :spzz:
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    Blackboard password

    Hi, does anyone know where to create their blackboard password?