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    Help for CAFS students.

    I'd suggest choosing an area of research that you're passionate about. That way, you'll be motivated to complete the project and go really well.
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    From experience, it is advisable to not put names or any identifying information into the body in your report to ensure confidentiality. I'd just put something like... "from speaking with a psychiatrist who specialises in ASD..."
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    Post your pip questionnaires here

    As someone with a physical disability themselves I find this topic fascinating and personally, I always get a little thrill when I see a disability being portrayed by someone with the condition themselves. All the best!
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    Preparation for Year 11

    You should just relax as it's the last holiday you're going to get. Maybe read over the syllabuses, textbooks etc.
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    Wanting to do a JD for fun/cheap

    UOW offers Commonwealth Supported Place - https://coursefinder.uow.edu.au/information/index.html?course=bachelor-laws-graduate-entry
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    Related texts to 1984??

    It would work, but from experience it is very dry and difficult to understand
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    What are seconday and primary

    Primary sources relate to data collected by the researcher e.g. observations, interviews Secondary sources are information collected by someone else, usually published in a book, journal etc
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    14 Units for Year 12

    14 units is a lot of work. It is not worth putting that much stress on yourself if four units won't count. I'd say try and stick with twelve so you have a back up for your ATAR.
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    Attention accounting students asap!!!!

    You have done economics which I assume has maths components involved. They run bridging courses for mathematics over the summer.
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    a book that made you cry

    I second you on Paper Butterflies The Dangerous Art of Blending in Angelo Surmelis and They Both Die in the End by Adam Silvera
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    Subjects for my atar

    Choose subjects you enjoy as you are more likely to excel
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    Cafs help urgent!

    Your answers are very comprehensive. Remember your in-text referencing when you submit the assignment. Good luck!
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    Need Help - Motivation and Study Tips!

    Definitely catch up on your notes over the break! That way you can just focus on past papers come HSC time. As for being distracted by your computer/gaming, write yourself a list of what you have to do and cross them out as you go through (definitely helps with my motivation :smile: ). If the...
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    Please help with my pip survey

    Great survey - good luck! :)
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    Getting ahead in uni

    It's hard to get ahead because the workload of uni is so immense. My biggest suggestion is to keep on top of your readings, keep up to date with your lectures and make summary notes throughout e.g. Mid session break
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    Getting organised??? help

    I took all my class notes in a separate note book for each subject. When I was studying I used loose-leaf paper and placed in a binder.
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    BCom or BBA (Urgent)

    Do the course that most appeals to your interests and career aspirations. You could do the BBA and then do a masters in something more specific. I went into uni doing one thing and now I am doing an entirely different course. You have plenty of time to figure it out! :)
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    Irp survey!!!

    Couldn't select my top three responses on your last question
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    Roll Call: Class of 2018

    You're going to have a fun time with two major works for SAC and CAFS - good luck :)
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    I need help deciding

    I did business services for my HSC and thoroughly enjoyed it but it all depends on your personal interests. It was good as it was very practical and gave me a break from my theory heavy subjects. Exam is pretty much common knowledge. Also, it's good to think about employment skills/prospects...