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  1. dr baby beanie

    will going YOUTH PARLIAMENT be a bad idea???

    Sam did this, aka bringbackshred (+ other trolls of his that I can't remember) and he loved it!! I'd do it, if it were me.:D
  2. dr baby beanie

    Is it still possible to swap courses?

    The census date is the 31st of March. The last date to swap courses was the 16th of March. However I'm sure if you arrange to see Nick Roberts - the first year co-ordinator of chemistry asap after our break; and if there's room in the lectures/tutes/labs it should be possible.
  3. dr baby beanie

    Future UNSW Students Rollcall

    12th of Feb. 10am - 3pm. :):)
  4. dr baby beanie

    Traveling to uni time consuming??

    :eek:^^ And I thought I had it bad.:o It'll probs take me an hour and a half to get to UNSW.
  5. dr baby beanie

    will 2u count if 4u isnt in the best 10units of urs in HSC??

    I did extension 2 maths and I still had to sit all my 2unit exams but like you said, most school's don't force 4uniters to sit 2unit exams. Yes normally they have both HSC exams running simultaneously however cannot just choose which paper you want to sit. QFT. I don't know what the...
  6. dr baby beanie

    Chemistry: Study Tips (Mnemonics, Techniques, Etc.)

    An Ox Lost the Red Cat!! ie anode = oxidation = loss of electrons cathode = reduction = gain of electrons
  7. dr baby beanie

    UAC Main Offers on 17/1 at 9pm (Sydney time) (Post offers in thread above ^^)

    I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy. My head is spinning!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Congrats people!! (D) Cheers! (D) DRINK DRINK DRINK!!
  8. dr baby beanie

    Hamlet essay help

    WHY OH WHY?:confused: The HSC examiners wouldn't give you such a complex question to try and answer and also the module is on the TRANSFORMATION OF TEXTS, which would incorporates Tom Stoppard's Rosencranzt and Guildenstern - adapatations and alterations according to context... So personally...
  9. dr baby beanie

    Nuclear Materials Syllabus Help

    Night brogan. *btw in the PM, I meant today. I'm tired.
  10. dr baby beanie

    Nuclear Materials Syllabus Help

    You're not the only one that can fill up a premium account sized inbox! Then my premo expired.... *meh* cuz I'm lazy, k.:p It's not like you can't reach me?!
  11. dr baby beanie

    Nuclear Materials Syllabus Help

    Yeah, my inbox is full.:o
  12. dr baby beanie

    Nuclear Materials Syllabus Help

    <3:shy: When do you leave? See my above post. It's the same process. I'd also be inclined to memorise how they produce one. This shouldn't be too hard because you need to know a transuranic element for industry and medicine anyways.;)
  13. dr baby beanie

    Nuclear Materials Syllabus Help

    check your inbox brogan ;)
  14. dr baby beanie

    Nuclear Materials Syllabus Help

    When an element's nucleus is unstable it undergoes radioactive decay until it becomes stable [stability depends on what I said above;]. It can undergo either alpha decay or beta decay. Alpha decay/emission = helium nuclei Beta decay/emission = electrons Gamma decay/emission = EMR...
  15. dr baby beanie

    Griffith University - calling all students

    Re: GRIFFITH 08---whos goin? qtf, :uhhuh::D:D ~shinigami~ She didn't make it!! ='( She was soooooooo upsetl:(, but she'll be there soon;)
  16. dr baby beanie

    Nuclear Materials Syllabus Help

    Adding to that: Elements with a an atomic number greater than 83 are naturally radioactive as their nucleus is unstable. In summary: conditions for stablity - general rule *stable light elements Z:1-20: protons to neutrons ~1:1 *stable heavy elements Z:73-83: protons to neutrons ~1-1.5 *Z>83...
  17. dr baby beanie

    HSC Certificates out today Class of 2007

    Will you guys stop criticising TAFE. It's a wonderful institution for an education.:uhhuh: So, who else is doing TAFE this year?:D
  18. dr baby beanie

    HSC Certificates out today Class of 2007

    No. Only if you're awesome and/or have over 800 BoS posts. ;)