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  1. DarkOperator618


    Does UTS fill up for engineering or nah? I didn't apply for January round 2 as I tried to take my chances for UNSW engineering (i acc dk if I'll get in) Would UTS fill up their seats for engineering in jan round 2, even though my grades would be enough for engineering?
  2. DarkOperator618

    F1 title decider

    Who we thinking is taking the title (i got max btw)
  3. DarkOperator618

    Math Advanced Prediction/Thoughts

    wagwan you already know how it is
  4. DarkOperator618

    Modern History 2021 HSC Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    Wagwan what we saying for this paper
  5. DarkOperator618

    Atar predictions

    My school was exactly 100th last year, idk what ATAR i could get Business: 20/58, 8ppl got band 6 last year English: 26/121, No band 6 last year History Extension: 5/7, 2 band 6 last year Math Adv: 36/132, 31 band 6 last year Modern: 3/35, 3 band 6 last year Physics: 21/50, 2 band 6 last year...
  6. DarkOperator618

    Timetable's out

    You read the title its out and have changed nothing https://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/wcm/connect/a6dee6fa-52e0-4fcb-8ea1-20f93a9624df/2021-hsc-written-exam-timetable-revised.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CVID=
  7. DarkOperator618

    Football discussion thread

    you read the title got bored so i created a thread to discuss football-related stuff on another note, Arsenal are shambolic this year
  8. DarkOperator618

    Macquarie early entry leaders +achievers

    Yo I've just applied for the macquarie leaders and achievers How easy is it to get in? Cus all my courses in my preferences need a rank of 80 Also, my year 11 grades had 3 Bs, 2 As and 1 C
  9. DarkOperator618


    Ayo anyone got any tips for writing history extension essays for trials and hsc?
  10. DarkOperator618


    Anybody have any tips to approach long response questions for physics? thx
  11. DarkOperator618

    2021 HSC

    Wyd if tomorrow, Gladys announces the cancellation of the HSC due to covid
  12. DarkOperator618

    New Trial dates

    Well well well mine has been shifted to week 6 hows yours going
  13. DarkOperator618

    How we goin

    Sup guys now that trials has been postponed to various dates (9 aug for me) hows the trial prep going?
  14. DarkOperator618

    Time Dilation

    Does anyone have any tips for approaching time dilation questions? I'm always getting tripped up by them in terms of which is the original and dilated time. How am I meant to approach them?
  15. DarkOperator618

    Banish careless mistakes

    Basically, for my math, I got my test back (65%). I noticed that I could've full marked it if I didn't make any careless mistakes Anyone got any tips to fix this issue? It feels really embarrasing.
  16. DarkOperator618

    Can I get the 95?

    Yo, I just got my ranks back and they're a bit off to my liking Business (21/68), I have no idea how. I didn't do too great in both assessments but I'm trying to improve English Standard (6/126). I'm chilling. I fullmarked my 1st assessment task but didn't do as I wanted in the second...
  17. DarkOperator618

    History extension essay

    Hey Anyone got any tips for writing an essay for my major work for history extension? Cus I have no clue what to do or where to start Thanks
  18. DarkOperator618


    Hey Does anyone have any past history extension proposals that they're willing to send? I need to see if I'm doing my thing right Thx
  19. DarkOperator618

    Predicted ATAR

    Hey I heard from a family friend that you apparently get a predicted ATAR after every assessment window. Is this true?