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    Uni Textbooks

    Hi! Does anyone here know where i can *pirate* uni textbooks (in particular the LAWS1052 one) or if any 2nd years+ are selling theirs? Thanks :)
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    !! $2 PER PARAGRAPH !! Cheap B6 Marking for English (97) & Legal Studies (93)

    EDIT: Hi guys, My name is Lily and I graduated in 2020 and will be studying Law and Commerce in UNSW from 2021. So in response to my cut down on the number of students I can take on for English tutoring (see my previous post), I am beginning a brand new extremely cheap marking service for...
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    Not sure if i can make one of these as I'm not a moderator BUT please drop any predictions below based off teacher's views, or literally just anything
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    Blue pen or black pen or pineapple pen

    I read somewhere that we are not allowed to use blue pen? Is this an actual thing or may I continue to use my newly purchased jetstream 1.0 blue pens:rolleyes:
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    What do we think the crucible question will be since so many schools specified just one character
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    Bulk Download

    Does anyone know how to bulk download past HSC papers? Like is there a link that I can press to download them in a zip file? I know there is one for windows but not supported for Mac and I am using MAC PLEASE SOMEONE
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    Past LAT

    As a student who has only completed the 2019 LAT and am looking to do it again in 2 days, I am extremely curious as to what the previous years' LAT questions were as they do not publicise this on their website. If anyone who did it in previous years, or knows something, please drop it below to...
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    3U/4U Past Papers

    Hi does anyone have links to old past papers (like the 1900s) as i can only find papers from like 1995 thank u
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    Maths Ext 1

    does anyone have a collection of graphical relationships questions from past papers?
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    hi guys i have my last 3 trials this week and 2 of them im set for but i have 1 that ive neglected since the start bc its my last one, its on friday. i have like 50 pages to memorise, how long would i have to grind for to memorise it all and what are some strategies yall use i wanna try new stuff
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    north syd boys share your trial papers 🥺🥺🥺
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    with trials coming up, can people share their methods for studying for legal that they are doing or have done in the past because there seems to be a shit load of stuff to memorise with crime, hr and 2 options..
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    uts law

    how hard is it to get into UTS law?? I am highly aware of the ATAR and selection ranks guides available on UAC etc but i feel like they are unrealistic as the lowest ones mostly come from people with disadvantages, which I am not applicable for. Does anyone here currently study law at UTS and...
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    Yo are we allowed to use highlighters during reading time in hsc
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    does anyone have any LAT resources they can share? like practice questions, tips, sample responses... anything.
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    maths hsc new syllabus

    don't be shy, attach your schools' 2020 exams for maths adv, ext and ext 2 🥺
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    atar calculators

    Hi! A question for the graduated peeps out hereee How accurate are the ATAR Calculators like the ones on hscninja and talent 100?
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    legal notes

    pick a number from 5 to 10. selling my friend's 2019 almost-state-ranked legal notes for 5-10 bucks cos she's really poor. every dollar counts. thanks. please b generous. check my previous post for more info or just pm me. oh, but also donate to the blm movement bye
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    Engineering trial papers

    hi does anyone have or know of any places that i can find engineering past papers :( asking for a friend ;)
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    Hi guys does anyone have a mediafire account i can borrow to download past paper folders.....