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    1st in the State Legal Studies 2012 | 99.85 | Essay Marking + Feedback

    Hey people, For the 2015 HSCers, I'm offering an elite essay marking service for students of all levels. A little bit about my credentials: 1st in the State for Legal Studies 2012 (~9000 students) ATAR of 99.85 LLB II at USYD - 84 WAM for Law Subjects taken thus far Essays are a critical...
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    Tutoring for the HSC: Math Ext 1 | Math Ext 2 | Legal Studies | Economics

    Hey Guys, My name is Dave and I have completed the HSC in 2012 achieving an ATAR of 99.85 which I am incredibly happy with :) My marks are as follows: Legal: 98 (First in the State) Economics: 95 Maths Ext 1: 95 Maths Ext 2: 92 What differentiates myself from the usual tutors is an ability to...