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  1. cazgirl123

    Notes etc. for various UNSW Art theory courses

    Hey - anyone interested in notes for UNSW art theory courses? Including Mapping the Modern, Mapping the Postmodern, Theories of the Image and Theories of Art History and Culture. Getting chucked otherwise. :)
  2. cazgirl123

    Transfer prior to enrollment??

    Hi all, After deferment and a year off, I have accepted an offer to start Semester 1 next year. Though I've accepted I can't actually enroll until December. The degree I've accepted is B Arts/B Art Theory, but now I'm thinking I might have been better off with B Arts/B Education (although that...
  3. cazgirl123

    Prerequisites for DipEd...?

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a B Arts/ B Art Theory at UNSW next year - trying to cover a broad range of areas because I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with myself yet, or atleast whether or not what I want to do is acheivable. I've been thinking about then doing a Diploma of Education...