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  1. cerebrum

    Series help???

    Can someone help me with this question? Evaluate the sum of the first 20 terms of the series 3 + 5 + 9 + 17 + 33 + 65 +.... (hint: 3= 2+1, 5= 4+1 and so on) Can someone give me full working out??
  2. cerebrum

    Studying for IT

    How is everyone studying for Information technology? I'm finding it difficult as the subject isn't as simple to study for as BIO or even ENG. The syllabus is very difficult to understand and to base my studies on. CAn anyone please help, I really want a good UAI.
  3. cerebrum

    Typical Aussies Ruin Australia

    Does anyone think that the typical aussies ruin AUST? Those that quote "G'day" and sit around with there pathetic getups. It just reveals Australians to be iliterate.
  4. cerebrum

    Human Coloning

    Human cloning Does anyone oppose cloning, with humans as the subject? Although we have successfully cloned a cat and are well on the way to cloning canines, the idea of cloning humans is both objected and accepted. Whats your opinion?
  5. cerebrum

    World War 3?

    For what reason would a mass war come into existance (World War 3)??
  6. cerebrum

    china- female baby rejects.

    Whats your opinion on chinese familys rejecting newborn females????
  7. cerebrum


    Alot of people agree that Adolf Hitler was an intelligent man..... I find him to be extremely manipulative.... intelligent???? Whats your opinion???