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    Engineering: Major work or not

    Sheesh. Any ideas oh why scaling would be bad? I found engineering much harder than any of my other subjects. Could be because of a lack of interest though.
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    Engineering: Major work or not

    Heard the scaling for engineering is pretty terrible. Not really sure how, considering the difficuilty (in my opinion) is harder than physics lol.
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    Maths Practice Papers New Syllabus!

    Hmm my teacher said they hid the harder 3u topics into topics like proofs and stuff.
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    questions about physics

    Hmm maybe because the velocity of the ball relative to yours (in the bus) is the same and therefore a vertical motion is all that can be seen from the ball falling. But from the perspective of a observer thats stationary, when the ball is suddenly released (cut), the ball experiences a...
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