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  1. jimmysmith560

    is there anything specific u wud do to answer represent... questions

    It seems to me like the representation of an experience emphasises an elaboration of the theme(s) present within the text(s), followed by a link to the experience being discussed. In the case of Kenneth Slessor's poetry, it represents individual and collective human experiences by expressing...
  2. jimmysmith560

    Scientific notation question help

    Would the following working help?
  3. jimmysmith560

    Can we annotate during reading time?

    No, students are only allowed to go through the exam paper during reading time. No annotation or any use of pen can be made until writing time starts. Essentially, the aim of reading time is for students to read the questions (and perhaps have a quick look at the texts in the case of Paper 1)...
  4. jimmysmith560

    Standard english or advanced english?

    As you mentioned, English Advanced has the advantage of superior alignment when compared to English Standard, which is a reason that often results in students choosing English Advanced over English Standard. The good thing is that you can take English Advanced in year 11 and based on your...
  5. jimmysmith560

    new syllabus

    The current Mathematics Advanced syllabus was endorsed in 2017, meaning that 2017 still fell under the old syllabus, back when Mathematics Advanced was called just Mathematics. The current syllabus was implemented for year 11 in 2019 and year 12 in 2020, meaning that the 2018 and 2019...
  6. jimmysmith560

    section 3 and 4 tips

    Given that there is not much time left before your Business Studies trial exam, the first thing that you should do is to revise the syllabus in order to ensure that you are aware of the concepts that each topic entails as well as have a good understanding of each of those concepts. This is...
  7. jimmysmith560


    Both USyd and UNSW are considered to be very good universities, meaning that in principle you cannot go wrong with either university's Bachelor of Commerce. While I cannot comment directly on the accuracy of stereotypes such as that of USyd since I do not attend any of these universities...
  8. jimmysmith560

    Internal Ranks Stress :(

    No problem, hope your trial exams are going well. Obtaining information relating to the number of band 5's is a bit tricky compared to the number of band 6's (for which a quick search on HSCninja is all you need). You could either estimate the potential number of band 5's achieved at your...
  9. jimmysmith560

    Trial papers like CSSA

    Independent trial papers can be considered of similar difficulty to CSSA papers, making them a good addition to your preparations for your exams alongside CSSA papers. Given the fact that Independent trial papers are subject to copyright (just like CSSA papers), they cannot be shared on this...
  10. jimmysmith560

    For english is it usually marks + 1 quotes?

    I assume VictorTango-9W is asking whether the number of quotes to be included in a response is usually the mark allocation plus one. For example, if a question is worth 5 marks, whether he should include 6 quotes.
  11. jimmysmith560

    Subjects for stage 5

    I second mmmmmmmmaaaaaaa's suggestion of taking Business Studies because not only is your performance in year 10 Commerce is of a high standard (which could be a positive indication if you were to take Business Studies), but this subject also covers legislation relevant to different areas of...
  12. jimmysmith560

    Welcome back!

    Welcome back!
  13. jimmysmith560


    Just wanted to wish everyone the very best of luck. You got this guys, make yourselves proud! :D
  14. jimmysmith560

    Internal Ranks Stress :(

    Given your current rank as well as your school rank, I think an Assessment Mark in the band 5 range in Mathematics Advanced is possible. Here, I refer to the fact that back when I did my HSC, I was ranked 36/146 at a school that was then ranked 157th and ended up receiving 83 as my Assessment...
  15. jimmysmith560

    stuck on either chem or eco

    I think it would be useful to address each option individually and discuss other factors that may influence your decision. Keeping Economics: Your current rank in Economics is excellent. Should you maintain this level of performance throughout year 12 (from your current rank, this seems...
  16. jimmysmith560

    ATAR Est.

    Given the information that you have provided, I believe that your current performance is consistent with an ATAR no lower than 91-92 and potentially up to 95. Your current position in Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 and PDHPE is excellent. If you end up performing at a...
  17. jimmysmith560

    Need help answering this q

    An answer to this question could include the following: The principle of relativity states that it is not possible to detect motion with uniform velocity while in one frame of reference without referring to another frame of reference. Thus, the principle only applies for non-accelerating steady...
  18. jimmysmith560

    subject selection !!

    Sure, the problem I faced with the textbook is that, while it is definitely informative, it contains an excess of information and a concept that would only require a short explanation would have entire pages dedicated to explaining it. This made notes a more efficient way of studying for this...
  19. jimmysmith560

    subject selection !!

    No worries! I am sadly unable to provide specific advice for SDD since I did not take this subject, although I think javascript may be beneficial (perhaps someone could confirm this). However, as far as IPT goes, your assumption is not wrong. You will need to emphasise your knowledge of the...
  20. jimmysmith560

    subject selection !!

    I think that your subject combination presents a fairly reasonable workload overall. English Advanced and Mathematics Advanced should be manageable, especially since you will not be taking Mathematics Extension 1 and/or English Extension 1. An important thing to mention here is that you cannot...