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  1. grace_26

    B Design (Vis Comm) question(s)

    lol I meant to say prac not pray
  2. grace_26

    B Design (Vis Comm) question(s)

    I know someone who did the course a few years ago and are working for the same company that they did their work experience for and they said they really liked the course. I also asked the people at the interview specifically about the first year of the course and about the design history and...
  3. grace_26

    B Design (Vis Comm) question(s)

    Hey, I went to the portfolio day too and also got an early entry :) Did they give you a course outline with all the electives and stuff ?
  4. grace_26

    Do any of your parents force you to do what you don't want?

    My parents let me choose the subjects I wanted as long as I chose math. They don't really mind what I do after school but my Dad wants me to go to uni.
  5. grace_26

    Anyone in year 11 from a normal public school.. lol

    I go to a catholic school and it's not selective. I don't think what school you attend makes you any smarter or dumber, It is the individual person who determines their grade, ATAR and their amount of effort they put in to their school work. One of my good friends just graduated from a...
  6. grace_26

    Post your subject regrets

    Geography hasn't run at my school for a number of years either, I think it was because no one was choosing it for their yr 9 and 10 electives. I love geography I'm so glad I chose it and that they had enough people to run a class. I did have a subject regret but I changed my subjects at the...
  7. grace_26

    Should I change math classes

    I'm doing general but it is not as easy as I thought.
  8. grace_26

    Should I change math classes

    I've had a substitute teacher for maths up until week 4, at the end of week 4 we sat a topic test and I failed. We got a new teacher this week and she gave us back the topic test and nearly everyone, including me failed. My teacher said to do better next time to the class and went on with the...
  9. grace_26

    what soap do you use?

    Lush soaps, they're really nice and they smell amazing, godmother is my favourite one its smells so yummy
  10. grace_26

    What perfume are you wearing at the moment?

    Taylor swift wonderstruck and Katy perry purr, I got both for christmas so I've been using them recently
  11. grace_26

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Black fitted dress and a necklace to match for an event coming up
  12. grace_26

    Year 11 2014 Chat :)

    just wondering is anyone planning on doing two major works for next year?
  13. grace_26

    Year 11 2014 Chat :)

    same, I can't wait to get started and find out who my teachers will be, and who's in my class, and what locker I get, but I know a week after I will be begging for holidays to come back
  14. grace_26

    Year 11 2014 Chat :)

    Little miss giggles because I'm always laughing with my friends about everything
  15. grace_26

    How to excel in senior year studies (yr 11/12)-99+ ATAR graduate

    Re: Advice from a graduated HSC student on how to excel in senior year studies(yr 11/ My top tips on how to STUDY during the school term 1)I would assign at least 90 minutes of rest after school-so it is like 30 minutes for afternoon tea and 1 hour for dinner, I would make a to-do list of all...
  16. grace_26

    Favourite soft drink ?

    Hi five, diet coke is my favourite too. It has no sugar which is good because I eat waaaay to much sugar already
  17. grace_26

    Year 11 2014 Chat :)

    Yeah I had a look but none of the books I needed were there, my school has a list of exact books we have to get and we refer to the books a lot, especially history.
  18. grace_26

    Year 11 2014 Chat :)

    I completely agree with you hardcopy textbooks and papers are much better and it's easier and less distracting that way
  19. grace_26

    Year 11 2014 Chat :)

    I'm just lucky that some of my textbooks double up for yr 11 and 12, so I won't spend as much next year
  20. grace_26

    Year 11 2014 Chat :)

    I just brought all my text books and they were so expensive I wish to a school where they supply textbooks for you. We have no choice in textbooks and mine added up to $300. I looked everywhere for second hand books but they were pricey as well. Does anyone else have to buy expensive text books...