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  1. hit patel


    Does Shakespeare support republic? Urgent. Trials on Tuesday and misplaced essay.
  2. hit patel


    How does it go from x/134 -> umat score? Do they consider percentile? Medentry says they dont consider pecentile but only UMAT score.
  3. hit patel


    Hey I was trying to flash a new rom and trial to clear the dalvik cache on HTC ONE XL but accidently ended up deleting backups and system files and all data. I tried flashing a new rom and I also tried ADB side load but my device is such that if I want to be in ADB sideload on phone then I cant...
  4. hit patel

    JCU entry requirements? Bachelor of Med/Surgery

    Hi, Just wanting to know what are JCU entry requirements for Bachelor of Med/ Bachelor OF surgery and if any other uni's except JCU that dont need an atar >99 and umat to get into. Thanks
  5. hit patel


    A test is scheduled with 7 exams. 2 of the exams are math and 1 of the exams is English. Math exams can be scheduled consecutively. i) how many ways can be scheduled? ii) If english is first find prob that math is second and then other math exam is last. Ty.
  6. hit patel

    Intelligence And/Or Ability Is Hereditary.

    Just wondering. Please state your opinions. And note by intelligence I don't only refer to education
  7. hit patel

    Tide Question

    There is a tide. The depth of water at low tide on a day is 0.7m and the depth of water at high tide was 3.7m. If low tide at 8:55 am and high tide at 3:05 pm. find earliest time after low tide at which a boat could enter the river if it required water to be at least 6 meters deep.
  8. hit patel

    Chemistry Problem

    Guys in Year 11 I used to find chemistry simple but now I find it confusing especially the multiple choice. Its almost as if all the content disappears from my brain when I do the question. For calculation or equilibrium things its ok, but for things like electrochemistry I find it confusing...
  9. hit patel

    Just an understanding...

    Just wondering what you people think about this. Would you grow up to be a kind helpful and understanding person or be a successful and rich person. Please state your views in the poll. This will help me in a way.
  10. hit patel

    Kite runner movie and novel

    Hi I am actually analysing kite runner as a related text. However I donot know which so I decided on doing the movie. I am just wondering if the novel has the same quotes and settings as the movie? Any help will be appreciated.
  11. hit patel

    I was told...

    Some time ago, I was told to find the broadest thesis statement for module B and write an essay on it for my half yearlies practice. I was told that I should do my essay then submit to teacher and keep doing so until she gives me a 20/20 and then just place the rote-learnt essay in the exam. Is...
  12. hit patel

    Onenote Or any other way

    How to change the font in an image i.e. font of words in an image. Is there a tool that you can do this collectively since I have my notes that I use word structure to paste it in onenote but it pasted as images with different fonts so yep how to do so?
  13. hit patel

    Time Dilation

    Ques: A UFO flies past the earth at 0.2c. An observer on earth watches ufo for 0.5s. Calculate the time the astronaut in the UFO sees the earth observer watching. Still unable to see why to is the spaceship observer in this situation and tv is 0.5 s and why the time is less? Because when...
  14. hit patel

    What can be tested?

    Hi Guys, i have 2 topic tests coming up on this saturday and if I dont get above 85% for it then I am facing consequences. So if you can help me it would be very much appreciated :). I am not so much worried about 3U (polynomials, circle geo, Trig (inc integration small angles differentiation...
  15. hit patel

    Was 2012 HSC 4U paper the hardest?

    ^^. The last question is hard and i cant do it hahaha i cant do many. What topic in 4U is that>? Why cant they have more mechanics or integration or conics or complex or any other things instead.
  16. hit patel

    caffeine and maths correlation?

    Ok guys so today I had the 'V' energy drink and from what I heard it has a lot of caffeine. Today I came home and did some complex nos. Surprising to me, I wasnt able to think clearly. Does this have any correlation to caffeine. I feel so bad no being able to do what I can usually do.
  17. hit patel

    The Pianist Conflicting Perspective?

    Hi can someone tell me a good viewpoint to talk about for the Pianist?
  18. hit patel

    Circle Geometry in 3D

    Guys I keep seeing circle geo questions with 3d shapes inscribed in a circle/sphere but it still looks a circle . I cant stop seeing it without 3d and this makes it so much complicated. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?
  19. hit patel

    Complex Number Question for 2014ers

    i) If tan theta = 1/3, show that tan 4theta = 24/7 and hence find the fourth root of 7+24i of smallest argument in polar form where a and b are real. ii) Derive an expression for tan 4theta and solve tan4theta= 1/2 +sqrt(3)i/2 :)
  20. hit patel


    A magnet was dropped through a plastic tube and the magnet dropped into the hand at t=1.3s. The magnet was then dropped into an equal diameter aluminium tube and then the magnet dropped at t=2.4 s. Part a) already explained Now when the tube was sliced straight down through the middle and the...