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    UWS pdhpe or ACU exercise science??

    i had a choice to go to acu or uws the reason i chose acu was due to the smaller class sizes for exercise science UWS is taking over 200 students whereas ACU are taking around 100-110 students (u figure) the history and traditions of acu is pretty cool and the uni looks fantastic...
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    exercise science at ACU

    i got a letter on last friday, saying that we should be getting another letter about enrolling i already accepted my offer but am lost on how to enrol are any of you going to the info session this friday (25th of jan)? but if we do recieve another letter hopefulli we wld get the...
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    exercise science at ACU

    is anyone else doing this course?
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    Exercise Science At Acu

    just wondering did anyone else get in?? :)
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    Uai 70-89

    pdh 87 bio 74 stan eng 81 v.arts 89 gen maths 77 uai 77.65 screw you syd uni......uws here i come
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    Art Express Preselection

    hey just wondering if anyone else got preselected
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    Physical Journey: Unexpected Detours

    yeah the short story and essay i memorised was similiar to the one in the exams woop im happy but im not looking foward to paper 2
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    Internal marking on monday

    woot im finishd my bow too i finished a few weeks ago now i got to focus on theory
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    HSC art artists...who are the best?

    luscious-llama could you please send me the kahlo duchamp and picasso notes shortay_26@hotmail.com cheers
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    Re: First Preferences? B APPLIED SCIENCE (exercise and sport science) either at UWS or USYD
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    well UNSW have health and exercise science the UAI is alot higher im also going to put that down as a preference but UWS and ACU are my first choices
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    hey im interested in sport and exercise science im looking into ACU and UWS does any one have any opinions on which is the best option and also i am worried about the job opportunities after completion of the course is it hard to find work after completing this course, or can you get...
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    SUMMER SCHOOL AT Uni Syd 2006-2007

    try here http://www.edassist.com.au/
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    SUMMER SCHOOL AT Uni Syd 2006-2007

    thers an adv one at summer school/ winter school but im not sure bout that other place
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    SUMMER SCHOOL AT Uni Syd 2006-2007

    yeh it is a bit pricey but it dpends on wat u want help with yeh im doin creative writing and essay writing lectures bcoz my eng is crap also and its held at uni syd im not sure if theres a school closer to exams
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    SUMMER SCHOOL AT Uni Syd 2006-2007

    hey is anyone here going to summer school?
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    Summer Progress.

    last term 2006 for yr 12 i summarised everything into a book these holz im resummurising them all + finding alot of info on each subject (bio, gen maths,art, pdh, stan eng) this is the first time im actually geting into this studying + im going to summer school for creative + essay writing
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    Recommended Texbooks/Study Guides for Preliminary HSC?

    Re: Recommended Texbooks/Study Guides? where do u buy study guides/excells from?
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    Which 2006 Elective are you doing??

    lol i dont even noe wat elective my class is doing no ones told me anything lol