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    syllabus notes

    hey im studying this option on my own as every1 in the class got to choose wateva they wanted. it would be really appreciated if sum1 could help me out and supply any syllabus notes or summarises just for some extra help Cheers!!
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    acidic water

    hey i've got this assignment where i have to identify the conditions that affect the concentration/ presence of the following factors in river water - acidity - hardness - total dissolved solids
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    psychology in sport

    hey i have a question in my assignment which deals with psychology methods used by athletes in coaches in basketball and cycling, where u must talk about motivation, anxiety, goal setting and mental rehearsal. ive been looking for weeks and still no info. if any1 knows of sites or books or...
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    links to resources

    hey ppl for some reason i cant access the resources for pdhpe so i was hoping would some1 please be able to link me to some good syllabus notes directly thanx
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    help needed

    hey ppl i was asked to analyse the painting broken column by frida khalo using techniques relating it to strictly ballroom and image in general does anybody have any ideas.....
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    need help!!! URGENT

    hey evey1 i have this assignment where i need to compare and contrast the diet of a basketballer and an endurance road cyclist giving examples of suitable meals. If any1 has information or knows where i can find info would u please respond. i really do need help thanx....i still have a month though
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    past papers!!

    hey ppl i was just wondering if any1 could tell me where i would be able to find past trial papers for 2u maths. CHEERS
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    Design Your Own Model Of A Semiconductor - HELP!

    Hey ive got an assignment due in 2 weeks, Just wondering if anybody would be able to help in showing me how to approach the question: Your task is to design a model that shows the behaviour of p and n type semiconductors. This does not mean you have to build one, just design it... I hav...
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    Help with analytical journal (Imaginative Journey)

    Hey, I'm having a bit of trouble constucting an illustrated analytical journal in relation to the question, "How have the texts you have studied inspired you in to thinking new ways about the imaginative journey" I'm doing the colrdige poetry, the Matrix and Imagine, Any help on writing...
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    Biopolymers - PHB Condensation Polymerisation

    Could anybody please help in directing me to a diagram or stucture of how phb is sythesised by condensation polymerisation
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    Imaginative Representaion HELP

    How do i rewrite either La Belle Dame Sans Merci The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock ... or Portrait Of A Lady From a contemporary teenagers point of view It can be done as a short story, script, monologue, letter, jounral, diaries or poetry......
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    Hello everybody, I am having some problems with a recent assignment, I am in year 11 and out area of study is perspectives. The question is, How has one of the T.S Eliot poems (the love song of J. Alfred Prufrock) and your chosen novel (Catch 22 Joseph Heller) enriched and/or chalnnaged...