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    Books for Fort Street High School

    Hey, I'll be starting Fort Street High School in year 11, 2021. I am a bit unsure as to what to do for next year's books. Please help and if any of yall are also in Fort Street year 11 this year, then hey
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    Does anyone have past year 10 yearly papers.

    Hello everyone, just wondering if you all have stage 5.3 year 10 final exams. Preferrably hard ones e.g from good schools like Fort street (Im going there for year 11 2021), James ruse, Baulko or other top 30 schools. Thanks all
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    Applying for Girraween and Fort Street Year 11!

    Does anyone that knows how to sit these tests have ANY advice they can give to me especially regarding writing as its so annoying as there is just no right answer to essays and narratives iykwim. SO yeah, just anything regarding: -General ability/ abstract reasoning -Reading comprehension...