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    Series and sequence question- confused if answer is correct

    Hi guys just needed help with a loan repayment question. Just made it up so i dont have the answer but wanted to check if its correct. Question: Chris takes a loan of 250,000 at 6%pa compounded monthly (at the start of each month). He makes repayment at the end of every year. What repayments...
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    Dropping a subject - currently 14 units (HSC 2018)

    Hey guys just needed some advice on which subject i should drop? I am currently doing the following: -4 unit maths (rank 1 - 85%) -3 unit maths (rank 1-100%) -adv english (havent got rank back) -physics (rank 1 -100%, ahead by 2 percent from second person) -business studies (rank 2 only...
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    Notes for Year 9 and 10 Science

    Can some people plz provide me with science notes from year 9 and 10 topics as i have my yearly coming in 2 and a half weeks. I haven't had time to get notes ready from most of the topics. Thanks you very much:)
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    Applying for Selective high school. Any advice

    Hi guys. I am currently in year 10 and really want to leave my current school. I have applied for three selective school and just wanted an opinion if you guys believe i have any chances. I have applied for Girraween (test), Baulkham Hills and Penrith. I achieved all A's in year 9 yearly report...