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  1. IceOnFire

    ***!!! Unsw 1st yr commerce books for sale!!!****

    I've got the following books for sale: 1) ACCT1501: Financial Accounting an Integrated Approach 3rd Edition by Ken Trotman & Michael Gibbins + Managment accting suppled 2nd ED. $60 2) FINS1612: Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets 5E, Christopher Viney. $60 3) MATH1151: One &...
  2. IceOnFire

    How much group work in Bcom?

    As the title suggest, how much group work is there in BCom? Especially associated with majors in actuarial studies and financial economics? I don't mind meeting new ppl, but I really don't want to end up with shitheads that doesn't do any work.
  3. IceOnFire

    BCom International: Do I have to pay?

    Hi, For BCom International, I am wondering do I actually have to pay for the Commerce Overseas Program near the end of the degree? Such as for air travel, accomodation, etc. Thanks
  4. IceOnFire

    2007 Top 200 School Rankings Daily Telegraph

    The top 200 schools in New South Wales 1) James Ruse Agricultural High School 1093 804 73.56 2) North Sydney Girls High School 1054 625 59.30 3) Sydney Girls High School 983 533 54.22 4) Baulkham Hills High School 1231 624 50.69 5) Hornsby Girls High School 711 350 49.23 6) Ascham School...
  5. IceOnFire

    Official UAI Results

    Hey guys post your results up! Hope you all got what you wanted..:) My were: NSW UAI: 98.65 SAM: 98.95 JUAI: 99.15 Slightly dissappointed, but who am I to complain. :D
  6. IceOnFire

    Price Stability and "Full" Employment

    Just one question: What government policies are used to achieve price stability as well as "full" employment? Otherwise meaning low inflaton and low unemployment. I was thinking of the current use of contractionary fiscal policy in combination with expansionary monetary policy, coupled with...
  7. IceOnFire

    Current Trends in ER

    I am just wondering what are some current trends in employment relations. Thanks.
  8. IceOnFire

    Missed Opportunities?

    What were those subjects that you wanted to do for your senior year, but missed out? Did you miss out because your current subjects are better for your future, or maybe because of what your parents wanted? Any regrets even after finishing your preliminary year? Personally, I had wanted to do...
  9. IceOnFire

    How to Improve in English?

    What do you think are the most effective ways of improving English? Is it expanding the vocabulary, or writing more practice essays? I really need to improve my English skills and marks by next year since it counts towards the UAI. Any tips would be great. :D We can also discuss on how to...