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  1. IceOnFire

    ECON1102 - Macroeconomics 1 Textbook

    hey is this book still for sale? If it is please pm me or contact me at xxiceonfirexx@hotmail.com thanks
  2. IceOnFire

    ***!!! Unsw 1st yr commerce books for sale!!!****

    I've got the following books for sale: 1) ACCT1501: Financial Accounting an Integrated Approach 3rd Edition by Ken Trotman & Michael Gibbins + Managment accting suppled 2nd ED. $60 2) FINS1612: Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets 5E, Christopher Viney. $60 3) MATH1151: One &...
  3. IceOnFire

    Re B Comm/B Eco

    Ok this is what I mean by going over the limit. For my degree I need to do: 6 core courses 8 in eco section 10 in one of my commerce majors in order to allow me to get my exemptions 2 in Gen Ed Which leaves me with 6 in language which is not enough for a major, but adequate for a minor...
  4. IceOnFire

    Re B Comm/B Eco

    Hey I got a question to ask about this degree and cbf creating a new thread If I were to do a language as a major, do I still need to do the General Ed courses? Will it be possible to do the language as a minor? Cuz I don't think I would have enough units to accomodate 3 majors. Otherwise I...
  5. IceOnFire

    ACCT 1511 mid-session

    My tutor isn't giving our papers and marks back till week 9
  6. IceOnFire

    The Forbidden Kingdom

    A white guy in an ancient chinese mythical scenario just ruins the whole movie. I cringe everytime they say English translations of those kung fu techniques. It's awkward.
  7. IceOnFire

    The s1 2008 Uni Results thread

    The maths results are just provisional, so they might still change it later on even tho they rarely do.
  8. IceOnFire

    Professional Business Cadetships

    At BNPP it's really flexible, where you work part time 20 hrs a week and they organise your work timetable according to your uni one. The only time you have to work full time is during the uni holidays.
  9. IceOnFire

    i studied but i still failed....WTF?!

    Haven't you ever heard of studying smart rather than studying hard?
  10. IceOnFire

    Accounting Cadetship 2008

    Wow you are bludging on BOS too... I'm bored :sleep:
  11. IceOnFire

    The s1 2008 Uni Results thread

    Results from the maths department are already out
  12. IceOnFire

    Accounting Cadetship 2008

    Black pants/knee length skirt Preferably black shoes with at least a bit of a heel. It can also be other demure colours such as beige or brown Suit jacket with concervative blouse You don't have to wear the most expensive or stylish clothes, but just make sure you look neat and professional...
  13. IceOnFire

    Professional Business Cadetships

    Hey congrats to all who got their second round interviews! For those who didn't, full time uni life will be an experience in itself. In regards to why so many ppl got shortlisted, perhaps they are expanding the cadetship program this year? You never really know who will get in so don't get...
  14. IceOnFire

    I heardz Commerce people doing ACCT1501 failed final?

    Why don't you try and do it sometime...
  15. IceOnFire

    Commerce (Liberal Studies)

    Well, since you are doing actuarial I would suggest maths since it certainly helps as actuarial is mainly about statistics and probablity. However if you want a variety and is interested in investment banking and finance, then do finance.
  16. IceOnFire

    Actuarial Studies

    For first year you are doing pure maths, which is basically 4unit + more.. WAY MORE The hard thing is you've got to understand and learn all of it in 12 weeks. In second semster of first yr you begin the first actuarial course, which is an introduction. I think the actl courses in second...
  17. IceOnFire

    Interview With The Vampire

    Brad Pitt's look is so hot in the movie, especially when his vampire eyes flashes. :cool:
  18. IceOnFire

    B Arts - Politics and International Relations

    just wondering is this major good for someone that doesn't like english? English meaning analysing texts, writing very subjective essays, etc.
  19. IceOnFire

    Studying alone or with others?

    Alone, cuz I start bludging when I study with other ppl.
  20. IceOnFire

    What you hate about UNSW

    I think I've offended alot of ppl by asking them if they are international students when they sound or dress fob.