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    Looking for a 4U/chem tutor (mandarin speaking) around Chatswood area

    Hi all, Just posting for a friend, who's doing HSC this year. He lives around Chatswood area. If you are interested, pop me a pm, or msg here. Regards, Xiao
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    infs1000 in workshop asgmt

    dunno abt everyone else, but i nearly ran outta time... the girl sitting nxt to me only went up to p2 apparently... major =( far out =S q's so random
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    any chance to recover files after format?!

    as per title... involuntarily, i had to format my pc abt 3/4 months ago ... un backup'ed =( there is a txt file which is pretty important to me... so i was wondering if i could recover it ?! by any means?! thanks for help in adv =)
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    how's macro lecturer from each stream?!

    hey, i go to stream 3 ... i have a lecturer called atta some thing... i dunno if he really teaches well or is it macro's interesting by nature, i find the content rather interesting... tho he's not as funni as dennis... oh welllz... how was ur pplz lecturers?! ^^
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    prize ceremony?! who's going?!

    as per title... went to the science one... just that had a major asgmt due on the 2nd day, so have to leave earlie =( didn't have a bit of fun... apparently, tis a cocktail party >=) free alchol *divine~~~~~~~~
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    any one going to presentation ceremony?!

    just wondering if any one else's going... go this letter like ages ago, and i thought might as well.. since i finish at 4pm on taht day any way... and plus, it's free + catered =) for those who went last yr, wut do we do there?! just listen and eat?! sounds abit pt less =S cheers xiaoie
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    xiaoie's guide to first yr sci subjets [and some advertising]

    xiaoie's guide to first yr sci subjets ok first thing's first... some of my feelin on first yr sci subjects... feel free to judge/comment/say it's bs... but it's very true to me... diff calc is harder than linear algebra to me... linear is more like 3u and diff 4u... in the final exam...
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    help: lost hd?!?!

    hi guys =D i did a search on forum and didn't seem to find an answer to this q... this is the situation: my comp (p3 800) a while ago got infected... so as an emergency measure i formatted my pc using dos floppies (ms dos 6.0)... after formatting, i realise i only have 2 gig on my hd, as...
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    mentoring program???

    hey guys: does any one know any thing abt this mentoring program for year 10 students??? i came across the recruiting volenteer post 2day and decide to sign up... tho i am sorta lost wut it does @@ any help's appreciated =) btw, gluck with all ur finals ^.^
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    any one know how to change stream??

    hiz pplz ^^ i logged on to myuni, and i realize: i can change my uos, my major, even my timetable... but i wanna change my stream =( cuz right now, i am hafing no stream, whereas i wanna have (adv) written following my b. sci... well i am doin all my sci subjects in advance lvl, so i figured...
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    accounting assighment for research purposes??

    did anyone else received an email from martin abt this research thingimagie??? did martin just pull out names from hat or did you have to do extremely good/crab to 'have the honour' to be invited??? @@ btw, gluck with exams guys, xiao hopes you guys the very best of luck =)
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    nearly got bombed by a uni email acct

    i got like this email from an email address from some uni email address... den when i try to dl it, yahoo warns me that that attchment is like, infected.,, n i was like huh?? tis not surprisin an atchment contains virus, but how does any one from a uni in nsw got me in their contact??? i am...
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    when does first semester start??? gettin worried...

    heyz all... another question... i noe i can find this somewhere in the hand book or the show bag, etc... but can any one tell me when does first semester start?? cuz my fwndz goin to other uniz start at teh end of feb or 1st of march... since the o wk's from 3rd of march, so i dun expect it to...
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    needing help: late round for b sci(adv math)/ b comm

    hey guys... i got offered late round for b sci b comm, whcih is wut i want to do... ok, here's the problem, i need to enrol again yea?? and i haf to go thru all the trouble of payin, enrollin courses etc etc... becuz i paid my union fee the first tiem around (main round), do i need to pay my...
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    adv sciences.. r they hard??

    heyz all!!! i am currently enrolled in b sci (adv math)... durin the enrollment day, i say those lil things called adv subjects... bein curious as i am, i took up all adv subjects in my first yr (except the 6 credit pt of elective)... so is adv subjects hard?? am i suicidin??
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    HELP!!! regardin remarks for international students...

    ok, i posted this in uai/hsc class of 03... *sigh~~~* apparently, wasn't so helpful... so i fink i might find some luck here... if the mod would delete the one i got in the forum mentioned above, if there are still no replies?? ok, here's the problem: i've got this fwnd, hu's an international...
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    HELP!!! regardin remarks

    hiz there bos'ers ... i've got this fwnd, hu's an international student... they got their offer in prelim round, n he's got an alrite uai of~91. however, he believes that he's physics mark is calculated incorrectly.... if he request a recheck, then the process of recheck may take upto days...
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    wild talkz on jin yong (or ne other writer)

    kz kz, since this forum seemz abit dead *cough*, i would lyk to, uhm, at least post a new thread... who here readz martial artz novelz?? i do, cuz they r cool... my fav is jin yong, den there is liang yu shen, n gu long, etc etc... but i love jin yong absolutely the best... i lyk shen diao...
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    i really want to go to usyd, but...

    but my parents sort of against it....... cuz i really really wanna do b sci (adv) or b sci (adv math) in usyd yeah?? but den my parents are like...... nah, u can't do it, cuz u will starve to death in da future...... so they want me to do law (which i doubt i can get in any way) or eco or...
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    chinese bakground - weirdest txt

    hihiz pplz....... i guess at this stage (before da hsc, after all the lessons are ended) we should be very familiar wif the texts..... which one do you feel da weirdest?? i fink the song "havin nothing" is pretty weird...... lolz, guess i dun haf ne feelins that i am lack of freedom :p