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    ACCG352/353 and electives help

    Hey guys I'm really unsure of whether to do accg352 or 353. Reading past posts it seems like both are really hard and have bad tutors - however some of the threads were oldish. Any extra recent advice would be great. Also does anyone know any easy 200 and 300 level units for electives. I'm...
  2. V

    ECON334 empirical finance

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has done empirical finance and if so could shed some light on it's content, difficulty etc thanks
  3. V

    BUSL320 Revenue Law - any tips?

    Hey just wondering if anyone has any tips or points they would like to share for revenue law?
  4. V

    Final year employment search

    How are all the final year macq students going finding graduate positions at banks, accounting firms, consulting etc? Wish you all the best of luck with the applications and interviews
  5. V

    The Faculty Awards (15 April)...

    Has anyone been to this before? If so, what was it like and what do you get? Cheers
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    Subject feedback please...

    Hey everyone I am in my final year of study of a B Comm Accounting and B Applied Finance degree and need to find some easy 200 level and about filler subjects. Below are the subjects that i am thinking about (not all of them of course) and was wondering if i could have ppl's feedback on...
  7. V

    Summer school subjects

    I enrolled in acccg323 for summer school and read that study should start from 18 Dec however no unit outline or lec notes have been put on blackboard. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
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    wanted to buy: accg310 past paper

    If anyone has one or knows somebody that does please PM me Cheers
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    Two summer school subjects - and one overlaps...

    Two summer school subjects - and one day overlaps... I am looking at taking busl320 and accg323 as summer school subjects but they overlap on one day - 22 Jan 2010. Do you think it is alright to miss on day for one subject or do they require 100% attendance. Any help would be much...
  10. V

    Next years changes?

    Does anyone know when we will find out if the subjects we have planned to do next year will exist and be offered in the same semester as before the changes? Reason im asking is im finishing my degree next year and need to take specific subjects in each semester with some first semester...
  11. V

    BUSL301 in-class tests...

    Does anyone know how these in-class tests are structured based on last year? i.e. essay, M/C, short answer etc. Any pointers/advice? Also if anyone has a copy of last semesters in-class test one would appreciate it if you could upload it. Thanks
  12. V

    Difficulty of the following subjects?

    ECON335 ACCG310 ACCG340 BUSL301 ACCG256 CAn anyone please provide me details on how hard the above subjects are? They are my first 300 lvl subjects and i am doing 5 subjects this semester Any help is much appreciated Cheers
  13. V

    Does anyone have a past list of summer school subjects?

    Does anyone have a past list of summer school subjects? I am trying to plan my study, which to complete my degree by the end of 2010, I need to complete one or two subjects in summer school. If anyone has any ideas what commerce, applied finance or economics subjects (mainly 200 and 300 lvl)...
  14. V

    Chances of getting approved??

    I am looking to do 5 subjects this semester and they are all 300 level subjects including BUSL301, ECON335, ACCG310, ACCG329 and ACCG353. I have a credit average but havent done many 300 lvl subjects. What do u think my chances are of being approved? Thanks for the help
  15. V

    Anyone apply for the winter internship for the ECFS board?

    AS above, has anyone applied for the winter internship on the Economics, Commerce and Finance Society (ECFS)? Does anyone know exactly what they do? I had a look on the website but couldnt really figure it out? Also do the interns get paid? Any help is much appreciated.
  16. V

    What do we need to do to enroll in 5 subjects a semester?

    Anyone have any ideas on the above? Also the requirements? Cheers for the help!
  17. V

    ACST101 - online test help

    Is anyone else not able to save the answers on heir online quiz? I have tried it on 3 different computers and still no luck... thinking it may be the website!
  18. V

    How to enroll in 5 subjects per semester

    Hi, just wondering how to (and who to see) to enroll in 5 subjects this semester. I can't do it through e-student as it will only let me add four subjects. Btw i am doing b commerce - accounting and looking to add marketing 101 to my subjects. Any suggestions would be appreciated.... Cheers
  19. V

    WebCt only shows one subject out of four

    Does anyone else have this prob? I heard that all subjets should appear by 9am Monday... but so far only one of mine has. Just wondering if this is normal before i call....
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    Credit for previous studies letter

    Has anyone received a confirmtion letter after pplying for CPS? The lady i spoke with on the phone said that i should receive a letter in a week hoever it has been two and i havent received anything... has the same thing happened to anyone else?