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    Working and studying

    How many hours per week would be reasonable to work if I am studying full time a fairly demanding degree (3 days at uni plus some online lectures)?
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    UOW or UTS better for Biotechnology?
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    First year core curriculum units

    Looking for info in regards to the difference between the two philosophy units and UNCC?
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    Common Scale for Maths?

    Will results be reported on the common scale this year or not yet?
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    School rank, HSC and ATAR

    Can 2 people who get exactly the same HSC marks/bands get different ATARs because one is going to a highly ranked school and the other to a low ranked school?
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    NESA Students Online Assessment Ranks

    I logged into my account yesterday and was no longer able to see my assessment ranks. Is that supposed to happen?
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    Subject Adjustment Points

    How many subject adjustment points could I get in total? The ACU website says a maximum of 5 points. Is that per subject or in overall? For example if I get 4 x Band 5 for relevant subjects, will I get 12 adjustment points or only 5?
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    Exercise Physiology UNSW vs USYD

    Pros and cons please?????
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    Exercise Physiology

    Sydney Uni or UOW? Which uni produces better job ready exercise physiologists?
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    ATARs for 2021 uni entry

    Do you think that everything that happened this year will affects the minimum ATARs for next year? If yes, will they be higher or lower? I am aware that this will also be different for different courses depending how popular are they.
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    ATAR Estimate please

    That incredibly difficult chemistry exam has destroyed my confidence in getting a decent ATAR, so I need informed opinions on what kind of ATAR/Bands can I hope for: my school is ranked around 300 (could be high 200 to high 300) my internal ranks: Standard English 5/109 Advanced Maths 5/29...
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    Band Prediction

    I am internally ranked 5th (out of 100+) in Standard English at a middle ranked school. I feel HSC went well, hoping to get at least 15/20 for most essays, probably higher for Module C. What band can I hope for?
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    Another ATAR estimate :)

    If you get all Band 5s, what ATAR would that be?
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    UOW early admission

    Does anyone know what time approx will the early offers emails be sent tomorrow?
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    Alignment & scaling

    I understand many factors influence how you end of year 12 results change. Obviously harder subjects will go up, easier ones stay the same or even possibly go down. I am interested in ex graduates' experiences especially with English Standard and Biology. How has your HSC mark changed when...
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    Has anyone applied for EAS claiming a personal illness? Have you ever had second thoughts about applying especially if you applied for a health degree thinking it may jeopardise your chances? Do you think only UAC knows specific details of the illness or unis as well?
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    EAS - Personal Illness

    Probably overthinking ...but is anyone reluctant to claim EAS through UAC for a personal illness thinking that it may negatively affect your chances of getting into a health related degree?
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    Module C

    Would writing a creative about a high functioning autistic boy be a good idea or not?
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    Handwriting speed

    How many words can you write in 40 minutes? Just trying to gauge what would be the average, especially in regards to English essays?
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    Macquarie Leaders & Achievers

    Has anyone got an offer today?